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Hangath is a hilly forest of central Grashakh and lower Miradelgûn. It is the abode of several hundred thousand goblins and halflings. The halflings of this area were originally from Maurkac and smaller settlements on the Nermanis Sea. When that sea drained into the Underdark, several thousand went south to this area. They built dozens of small enclaves in the forest's eastern tracts.

Hangath's halflings fell from grace in the Dead Harvest (1130 - 1135). This was a famine so severe that halflings desperate for food and water turned to cannibalism. Naturally, such behavior even for survival, was deemed vile and deplorable to their patron deity Avandra. She abandoned them, and The Glutton adopted them. Many of the halflings were already uncommitted followers, since that first act of becoming a follower is eating the flesh of one's own race. The continuing misery of the Dead Harvest and Avandra's abandonment made the people vulnerable to conversion. By the end of the five year blight, 30% of Hangath's populace were followers of The Glutton. They continue the practice of cannibalism, consuming the recently killed from combat, yet not those that die of natural causes since they consider the corpse defiled. Since the Dead Harvest, most of the area's halflings have converted to The Glutton or some other fell god.

The two major adversaries of Hangath are the goblins and Children of the Glutton. They are always fighting each other, with this battle experience making them prime targets for recruitment for the armies of the Orchish Empire. The Hangath goblins produce highly skilled archers (elites are Hangath Archers) and the halflings yield some of the best slingers on Brucrumus. The Fograth also use halflings in roles that suit their nature, they are starved and then used as shock troops and wave attacks with promises of more than their fill in fresh meat if they take their objective.

Hangath's goblins are descendants of an army that had once served under Maglubiyet in the Demon Spawn War. This army was nearly wiped out in the bogs of Droonesh. It got caught between two demon armies, one serving Demogorgon and the other serving Baphomet. They hated each other, going to battle on sight. All three armies were lost in a battle that lasted days. The remnants of Maglubiyet's army remained in the general area, trolls in Droonesh and the goblins taking to Hangath and Bowkrak.

The northwestern tracts of this forest, those in Miradelgûn, are claimed by the Falin-Tandra. These nomadic elves are in a constant state of war with the Orchish Empire. As a result of this hostility, the Fograth has permanently assigned the Feloren to combat and monitor them.

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