Raxcvillibus Rax

Rax awaits the Pillar of Horns
Class20th fighter / 10th cavalier / 20th psion / 10th Disciple of Asmodeus
RaceMinâth (Hell Knight)
Emperor - Ba'lith1695 - present
Kurgax1488 - 1683
First Dead1467 - 1485
Emperor - First KE823 - 829
King - First KE819 - 823
Alignmentlawful evil
Born17 War March 785
Undead11 Bloom 1462

Combat Statistics

AC58Adarmînal, +5 divine bonus from armor property Godforged, +6 enchantment bonus from armor, +9 AC bonus for battle plate, +2 divine bonus from Dread Might, +1 max. dexterity for battle plate, +10 divine bonus for being a hell knight (replaces Godforged and Dread Might bonus), +5 natural AC from being a hell knight, +7 deflection bonus from ring of epic protection
HP670+100 from hell knight power Dark Blessing, +60 from Improved Toughness feat, +510 from class levels (d12 for hell knight)
SR70+70 from being a hell knight
MV45+15 movement bonus from armor property Devils Swiftness
STR43+7 leveling ability increase, +8 for being a hell knight, +10 from belt of epic strength
INT19+2 leveling ability increase, +1 for Minâth
WIS30+4 for being a hell knight, +10 from periapt of epic wisdom
DEX18+2 leveling ability increase
CON0for being undead
CHA27+4 for leveling ability, +4 for being a hell knight, +2 for Minâth
FORT32+2 from Dread Might, +2 from Great Fotitude feat, +12 for Fighter, +3 for Disciple, +7 for Cavalier, +6 for Psion
REFLEX26+4 for ability, +2 divine bonus from Dread Might, +2 from Iron Will feat, +6 for Fighter, +3 for Disciple, +3 for Cavalier, +6 for Psion
WILL44+10 for ability, +2 divine bonus from Dread Might, +6 for Fighter class, +7 for Disciple, +7 for Cavalier, +12 for Psion
Base To-Hit
Dread Might2222

In 819, a young military officer named Raxcvillibus Dum-loc, or simply Rax, got the Dum-loc family into the elite ranks of Khazarkar society, the Minâth-Nôrî. This was done by marrying the reigning queen. The marriage to Queen Nâlo Nillunâth came about after her husband died under unusual circumstances. She married one of his up and coming military officers, one she had been having an affair with for months. Rax was King of the First Khazarkar Empire from 819 to 823.

King Raxcvillibus and Queen Nillunâth were happy for a few years, but the Queen began to have dalliances with other dashing young officers. Rather than ending up like the previous king, Rax had the Queen brought to trial and with stacked jury, she was dethroned and executed for acts embarrassing and destabilizing to the empire. Now secure in his position, with the military at his back, he convinced the Khazarkar High Court to exile the Nillunâth family, deeming them a threat to national security. Once out of Khazarkar borders, Rax had them tracked down and liquidated. A few days later, with military backing, he made himself emperor of the Khazarkar Empire.

Rax was the last emperor of the First Khazarkar Empire. At the time this empire was in the region Gulimbor. He ruled as a warmongering tyrant from 823 to 829. He was deposed by the political group Malbazân. As his custom with these power changes in Khazarkar leadership he was banished from the empire. This all came about from his plots to start a war with the Burterinii. This came to head when he had an important Minâth assassinated in a scheme to pin it on the Burterinii. This was the last straw in his many schemes to go to war. Exiled and not content with being a leader with no one to lead, he went far north into Ma'Ohari where he sought out glory and other peoples to do his bidding.

When he was of the living, his weight was 255lbs and he had purple eyes and light purple skin. He kept his middle age appearance over six centuries from repeated uses of the Stream of Immortality. Rax first did this when he was 54. The waters of this marvel restored him to what he looked like in his 20s and kept him like that for another 77 years. He made repeated visits to the place, prolonging his life each time. He learned though, that each use of its magic was less effective than the last. Rax looked like a man in his early 30's when he was turned into a hell knight.

Wafts of smoke rise up from his armored boots as hellfire rages inside him; it's the aggression, the gift from Asmodeus when he was made a hell knight. Rax focuses on controlling the building anger. His emotions are dulled as cold, black, negative energy spreads its tendrils through his body. This gift of Thasmudyan, added in his making, works to counter the unbridled hellfire that threatens to dominate his body. His emotions now tempered, Rax turns away, heading to the wheelhouse, a place now decorated with the heads of the recent enemy dead, large and small.

- from the Godspawn Saga

An a hell knight, an immortal forged of negative energy and hellfire, Raxcvillibus is 6'5" and 170lbs. His purple eyes are replaced with those that burn like small flames, the shade and intensity of them often reflecting his emotions. When he became an undead, his skin color changed to a grayish purple, became dessicated, yet is as tough as the hide of a chimera. He also has white areas with only traces of purple to show his Minâth heritage. As a hell knight, a unique form of undead created by two gods, he was blessed with a skin that has a texture equivalent to what you would find on a Taln'nazân Ghoul-King. The side effects to him becoming an undead are 50% reduction in his olfactory senses, 90% sense of touch, 150% improved hearing over the average Minâth. Rax's normal vision is no better than when he was of the living. As an undead, he has the "life-hunter sight". This allows him to see the living - "it's particularly useful for finding living creatures, which burn like braziers of flames". Unless it is high heat, like a magical fireball, he cannot feel heat nor feel the cold.

Rax holds up a desiccated hand; where there would be veins in the living, there are pulsing ribbons of negative energy ... The engineer glances at the captain's deathly hands, with their fingertips glowing like hot embers. He has seen them used in speeches, clenched fists raised high like fiery orbs. He has wondered if that was more than just a parlor trick. What most don't know is that they're great for oratory, but little else.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Major Historical Events

Waters of Longevity 839

In 839, at the age of 44, Rax came across one of the holiest places of Brucrumus, the plateau Achamâz. In this place he took his first drink from the Stream of Immortality. This reduced his age by half, and prolonged his life for over a century. He would continue to make visits to this place to continue a mortal life long past its due.

Reduced to Piracy 1013 - 1017

In the last four years of the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), Rax the captain of the pirate ship Witch's Grace. This ship made game of Khazarkar vessels and others fleeing the cataclysm wracked lands of Gulimbor. Some say he did this as payback for when 184 years previously, he was banished from First Khazarkar Empire. The truth is that he needed money, and pirating was easy during the Great Exodus with so many ships ferrying people away from Gulimbor.

Grarg 6 Bloom 1239

After crafting the incisors of a dead dragon into a ceremonial sword, it gains awareness. Rax names it Grarg. This name is a shortening of the dragon Mathongrarg, its psyche trapped in his newly sentient sword.

Anabara 9 Bloom 1252

With the passing of Anabara, Rax honors his favorite steed by crafting part of its horn into Grarg's pommel.

Vampire Haunts 1301

In 1301, Rax entered the Zan Urk Mountains, exploring a subterranean complex built during the time of Varelay. It revealed slave pens, or in the case of the vampires that roamed here, a place to feed. The former owner of this complex was a Drachlaz Lord named Rintasi Othralbuc. Raxcvillibus and his followers took over this ancient vampire lair.

Tas'dvr Mout 1320

In 1320, Rax began construction on the great fortress Tas'dvr Mout. From the vampire's lair, they expanded upwards to the surface. Tas'dvr Mout grew to be a series of fortresses spread across rocky spires leading to the looming walls of an enormous citadel where dragons and giants could feel comfortable in.

Dark Century 1355 - 1450

From 1355 to 1450, he was under complete domination by his sentient weapon Grarg. He has no knowledge of this period, and has not tried to find out what happened. History has yet to record these events. The events of this century were the leading factors that led to his punishment by higher holy powers.

Gorthunder's General 1450 - 1462

In 1450, he became a general for the Furrouth usurper Gorthunder. Together they planned the overthrow of the Goth-Dyvermoir empire.

In one of many palace intrigues at Orias Vual, Raxcvillibus was imprisoned out of both envy and fear of his charismatic personage. Gorthunder had Raxcvillibus chained to a rock and then hurled into one of the fiery lakes of Malephar.

His cunning and charisma were such that both Thasmudyan and Asmodeus decided to bring him back. They combined their powers, Thasmudyan infusing him with negative energy and Asmdoeus using his system's hellfire energy. On 11 Bloom 1462, Raxcvillibus rose as a hell knight, the first of its kind.

Bones that once supported living flesh, now support desiccated tissue, where there once was a beating heart there are two masses of energy, replacing his blood is energy pumped from this heart, negative, the anti-thesis of life energy, and the other the energy of the Hells system, hellfire. Eyes that while recuperating, don’t close, just go dormant, looking like the pitiless black orbs of a shark. Awakened, they begin to glow, burning with little fires.

- from the story of Raxcvillibus, "Godspawn - Chapter 1"

Now a hell knight, he emerged from the liquidity fires of Malephar, starting a war to bring down Gorthunder. In the Retribution Campaign, he used Asmodeus's very own Ruby Rod to compel others to join his growing army. He made a deal with the Pyrmidian Ghouls to re-take the Pyramid of Conflict, and then after promising to return this structure to them, their former home, got them to help in assaulting Orias Vual. He also worked out a deal with the daughter of Gorthundor to keep back their main force while he assaulted the city. Raxcvillibus's army broke into the city and he personally entered the ancient palace of Orias Vual, cutting down Furrouth and fire giants in the dozens and then capturing the Emperor of Goth-Dyvermoir. Gorthunder was shackled and forced to crawl through the streets of Orias Vual like a mule, his back laden with overflowing chests. A train of other minions hauled part of the city's treasury out. Raxcvillibus had Gorthundor cursed with a powerful ritual spell that suppressed his innate immunities to fire. He then had him fired from the city in the same catapult that sent him screaming into the heart of Malephar.

Leaving Orias Vual, Raxcvillibus and his forces go southwest to his stronghold Tas'dvr Mout.

Death Knight Minions 1465

In 1465, at Tas'dvr Mout, he established an order of death knights called the Lix Tetrax. The first death knight to serve under was a young Tragaran named Kuralda.

First Dead (1467 - 1485)

In 1467 he became one of the dark leaders of the First Dead Council. When he joined, the other warmongers and Thasmudyan fanatics of the Dead Council were waging an unholy crusade against the Lands of Purity. As a result of their inexperience, the first two years of the war saw Black Tide armies taking heavy losses at Bathor and Scartaris. Rax joined the First Dead Council by recommendation of First Dead member Kat-Trâra Hlothuru. His experience with large armies was much needed since the other leaders of the Black Tide had never commanded anything more than a platoon.

Thasmudyan's Betrayal 1485

It was 3 War March 1485, great battles were being fought in the Black Tide War. Thasmudyan's unholy armies were besieging a major holy citadel of the enemy. The place was Holy Sanctum and of some importance to the Lances of Merioss.

The feud between Dax and Raxcvillibus started when my lord protested strongly to the First Dead Council, saying that they were overextending themselves by holding territories in both Hells Womb and the Lands of Purity. My lord said that some of the forts and possibly Ugidreth should be abandoned so we have an overwhelming force in the Lands of Purity. Hells Womb has four great empires that we are in no position to hold anything in that region if they decide to seize it. We can return after securing the Lands of Purity, and then take out those empires, one by one. Now, Ugidreth was dear to Dax Jagg, and he went almost mad with my lord's recommendation. The council agreed to abandon some forts, but retain Ugidreth, which Raxcvillibus replied that without those forts in the south, Ugidreth is exposed - she will only have the power of the Pyramid of Power and a garrison of 5,000. At least let me pick the forts to abandon. At which Dax objected over the nit-picking and said the garrison can fall, the whole region can go, we will take it back later, but we are not giving them up now. The arguments went back and forth for hours and the case was shelved. After this Dead Council session, Raxcvillibus and Dax did not get along.

My lord's warning would prove true many years later when the Black Tide was driven out of the Lands of Purity and then driven out of Hells Womb.

- Svern Mourn, wight attendant to Raxcvillibus - "My Lord's Chronicle"

In the Black Tide War, Rax was one of the most charismatic and powerful members of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. Inevitably, this led to jealousy and contempt among some of the other leaders of the First Dead Council.

His army was the Anâth Nâru. In battle, he often led from the front. His bravery and charisma created a fanatical following among the troops leading to even more animosity and envy by some Black Tide leaders, most notably Dax Jagg.

Dax Jagg and Thasmudyan conspired to have Rax eliminated. In 1485, while on a mission for Thasmudyan, Rax was captured by two holy crusaders, one a powerful solar named Apoxlin.

Taken to Lunia, Raxcvillibus went before the Hall of Edicts where he was convicted of soul destruction and other crimes. His sentence, a powerful curse, would send him back and forth between the mortal world Bal-Kriav and the immortal worlds of the Hells system. In what become known as Apoxlin's Sentence (1485 - 1683), he did time, 198 years, one year for each of the goodly souls he destroyed with his hungry soul-devouring blade Grarg. The angel's curse dictated that he would spend nine years in the Hells and nine years back on Bal-Kriav, repeating elven times.

Apoxlin's Sentence Begins

Hells First Tour 1485-1494

When Apoxlin's Sentence was passed, Rax was blasted from Hall of Edicts. He fell through a temporary rift, dumped into the frigid world Caina. For the next three years, he wandered across an icy wasteland without meeting anyone. He slew a very powerful gelugon on this world. The sacrum of this ice devil would later be added to his sentient sword Grarg.

You're scared, old friend. Caina left its mark on you. You cannot remain alone for long.

- from the Godspawn Saga

In 1488, he was taken into the armies of Morax, then serving Asmodeus. This Overlord of the Hells was waging a war to put rebel leaders in their place. It is during this time that he learned Infernal and earned the respect of the devils that fought alongside him. Rax never saw the real boss, he was on another world. His distant boss kept tabs on the hell knight he helped create. He had to make sure he could be trusted, and would he fall in line, and more or less, was he worth keeping around.

Bal-Kriav First Return 1494 - 1503

He is returned to Bal-Kriav, finding himself sitting in his mammoth skull throne in Tas'dvr Mout. A piece of vellum on one of the throne arms offers some advice.

Be a just ruler, your time is short.

- signed Apoxlin

Ryglaglanis, trusted ally of Rax when he served in Black Tide, came to Tas'dvr Mout after learning of Dax's treachery. He waited nine years for his old leader to return from the Hells. During that time, he served as soldier under the Lix Tetrax. When Rax returned, he found Ryglaglanis in poor state, health declining from long exposure to Ma'Ohari humidity and disease. In Tas'dvr Mout, he also suffered a bit of negative energy taint from all the fortress's undead. In 1494, recognizing his loyalty to him, Rax made him a full member of the order, turning him into one of his death knight minions.

Hells Second Tour 1503 - 1512

On Rax's second tour in the Hells, he was again serving under Asmodeus. Together, they warred with the abyssal lord Baphomet. In the Battle of Kurdire, Rax's army of devils captured the enemy's castle and looted a godforge. This consisted of things like an anvil, slack tub, bellows, hammers, fullers, chisels, and an oven. All of this stuff was hauled back to Nessus and turned over to Asmodeus. Many years later, with the end of Apoxlin's Sentence (1485 - 1683) , Asmodeus found a way to get this stuff to Tas'dvr Mout. It was said to be gift for Rax's services over a period of nearly two centuries. Rax saw it for what it really was, Asmodeus's reach.

On 4 Saunas 1503, Raxcvillibus married Kat-Trâra Hlothuru. Katrana went to Nessus where the marriage was presided over by the Hells Overlord. This marriage was done by both so they could leverage the power and influence of each other. Raxcvillibus gained influence in the Black Tide and Katrana gained contacts in the Hells.

During Hells Second Tour, Rax learned the demon language Abyssal, and began his mentalist training under Asmodeus.

Bal-Kriav Second Return 1512 - 1521

He returns to Ma'Ohari, to find out that his old friend Jairall Bloodtusk, has seized Yarrokhal in the name of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. At the head of an army of firenewts and cambion dwarves he recaptures Yarrokhal. This would be a recurring theme, every time he was away on a tour in Hells, someone would stake claim to this ancient ruin.

Also while away, the Tas'dvr Mout's treasury was drained from thievery and mismanagement. In 1515, looking for ways to make some quick money, he signed on as a mercenary captain attached to the Gorum Horde. An army led by the jara that would go on to sack Amanwen. It would be the last time, he would side with those of Chaos.

Hells Third Tour 1521 - 1530

Serving Asmdoeus, he led an army against the demon lord Baphomet. In this war, most of it fought on the maze-world Mellix, he was charmed by the succubus Sephulashe. An agent of Baphomet, this demon's charm nearly caused Rax to lose a pivotal battle between Asmodeus’s forces and one of his sons, the Bastard Usurper. After this civil war in their rear was over, Rax learned that the Bastard Usurper was nothing more than a puppet of Baphomet. Not a new foe for Asmodeus, but one who's beginnings started in the Demon Spawn War when Asmodeus became leader of the forces battling demon invasion that threatened the worlds of the Quara'tun system.

One of the treasures looted from Baphomet's holds is the Maze Furnace.

Hells Fourth Tour 1548 - 1557

On his fourth tour to the Hells, he battled the fallen angel Siomorta, daughter of the god Chronos. As a result of the spell Time Loop, the battle with her lasted five years, his army and hers fight the same battle hundreds of times. Only when she was decapitated, was the battle allowed to play out one last time. Rax was punished for wasting so much time fighting the same battle, with Asmodeus allowing him to take only one thing from Siomorta's possessions. He took what he calls Siomorta's Timepiece.

Hells Fifth Tour 1566 - 1575

On his fifth tour to the Hells, Asmodeus sent Rax to the burning world Nasu'ginn. One side of the world is always on fire, the other side a jungle with trees so high and canopies so broad that the deep ash of the jungle floor is forever in perpetual gloom. Rax’s battles on this demon infested world were in the treetops. This was because the ash of the jungle floor was too deep to trudge through so the demons lived among the trees. It was hard fighting; the risk of fall was often more dangerous than the claws of a lunging demon.

Hells Sixth Tour 1584 - 1593

Hells Seventh Tour 1602 - 1611

Hells Eighth Tour 1620 - 1629

Asmodeus hints at bigger plans for Rax, telling him of his plan to kill the demigod Coeus.

Balith is ripe for new leadership. If Coeus is removed, you will have the Right of Victory. You can claim leadership by their laws.

- Asmodeus, to Rax

Bal-Kriav Eighth Return 1629 - 1638

In 1629 he was back on Bal-Kriav, in the region Azrik. He joined the armies of Ba'lith, and three years later, 1632, was made a general. He earned this rank from his display of fighting skills and leadership; traits honed from scores of Hell's battles and tutoring under some of Asmodeus's best generals.

In 1634, Rax frees an earth elemental named Daojin from the Lorfin-Bator Zoo.

Bal-Kriav Tenth Return 1665 - 1674

By 1672, Raxcvillibus was a renown general of Ba'lith's military. With bolstered charisma and diabolically schooled diplomacy he forges the Treaty of Droorlow, bringing peace between the northern minotaurs of the Torgilm Confederacy (1475 - 1719) and their southern brothers of the Ba'lith Empire.

For much of the time back on Bal-Kriav, he was a the southern front, battling the bugs invasions of the Locust Encroachment (1412 - 1694). His best general during this time was a minotaur named Khôni. The painting of the two, carved in a canyon wall of the Dragon Maw, is called the Last Two Standing.

It’s just the two of you, back-to-back, mortal against immortal, and encircling you a wall of dead bugs. Dad said when the rest of the army broke through, they had to dig through twenty feet of insect husks to reach the two of you.

- Armigûr to the captain of the Pillar of Horns

Hells Eleventh Tour 1674 - 1683

In 1674, he was yanked to the Hells for the last time. This was the last rotation of Apoxlin's Sentence; a divine punishment lasting 198 years. This time he found himself back on Caina. In this frigid and hellish place he had to fight through bands of devils to reach a point where he could go deeper into the Hells and report to his long-time master Asmodeus. By this point in Hell's history, Raxcvillibus was known as a hero, the right-arm of Asmodeus, a Gurgax, more powerful than many pit fiends.

Only the foolish who did not know who he was dared to attack him. What he did during his last sojourn in Hells, may never be fully known, but when he came back to Bal-Kriav nine years later he had diabolical plans put together by himself and his master.

- Purlotat, minotaur priest of Coeus - "The Usurper Returns Home"

Apoxlin's Sentence Ends

Lust for Rule 1683

In 1683, Apoxlin's Sentence ended. He returned to Azrik and restoring his based of power - a lot can happen in nine years. His goal, to become master of the minotaurs. His reason was more than personal, for he was following a course conceived of in the Hells. It was part of the plans he and Asmodeus had created for increasing his master's influence on the world Bal-Kriav. After being denied his old position as Ba'lith general, Rax prepares for war.

Terror March 1692 - 1694

Starting the Terror March, Rax goes to war with Ba'lith. This war was rather easy. This was because Rax's role in Ba'lith military history is legendary, not only for his battle exploits, but the war knowledge he brought back to them while away on Hells Eleven Tours; much of that time under Asmodeus, Overlord of the Hells, and one of history's greatest generals. Many minotaur believed him to be a champion of a war god, sent to fight on the side of a warrior race.

Coeus Civil War 1694

Following on the heels of the Terror March, Rax's actions led to the Coeus Civil War (1694 - 1697). This was a conflict between a faction of Ba'lith's military that sided with Raxcvillibus and those that sided with the Church of Coeus.

Godslayer, Emperor of Ba'lith 1695

In Dreamer 1695, following the advice of Asmodeus, "If Coeus is removed, you will have the Right of Victory", Rax and his team went to the world Dol Vahdin and killed the demigod Coeus. Such was its size, he brought his head back in a wagon. Priests of Coeus were the first to feel the impact of their god's demise. They lost all divine energy given to them, and now were without a god. The minotaur priests came to Raxcvillibus, with many viewing his feat of slaying a god as proof that he himself must be a god, "for only a god can kill another god". After further confirmation that Rax was behind Coeus's death, most pledged fealty to him as their new leader.

With the army under his control, and the priests humbled to his near divine status, Ba'lith's government recognized Raxcvillibus as their new emperor on 17 Dreamer 1695. His first edict was banning the Church of Coeus and dismantling the theocracy government framework that had ruled the empire for the last eight centuries (815 - 1695). He then brought in proselytizers of Asmodeus, installing a new religion.

Savior of Merorarg 1698

In 1698, a Hive Swarm unlike any other destroyed a Sonic Horn and then tore a path across Azrik. This swarm was a ruin swarm. This massive cloud was devastating. It left a zig-zag trail of destruction from Bithiemeth to the walls of Merorarg. The ruin swarm was taken down when Emperor Raxcvillibus came out from the city and slew the terror.

Drachdekai Pact, for Personal Reasons 1824

In 1824, Ba'lith joined the Drachdekai Pact. This came from promises of voidships and related technology. Raxcvillibus had personal reasons for joining the alien invaders. One was gaining renown on the world stage. Another reason for his interest in joining this triad were the targets. One of these was the city Isumbras. Raxcvillibus figured that if he could get this city he could put pressure on another city-state of the area. This other city-state is Bueratum. They had long refused his private companies from trading on the Mercantile Exchange. This was because of his position as Ba'lith's emperor - what they labeled a conflict of interests with an empire's military potentially backing the interest of quasi-public companies.


YearRax's AgeLocaleEvent
7851Gulimborborn a Dumu-loc at Athânâlo to father Adarmînal, mother Nîlû.
marries Queen Nillunâth
becomes King of the First Khazarkar Empire
823 Gulimbortakes absolute control of the First Khazarkar Empire, becomes Emperor
82944Gulimborexiled from the First Khazarkar Empire
83954Northern Hordelandsfinds the Stream of Immortality
1219434Ma'Ohariforges Grarg
1320Ma'Oharibegins construction of Tas'dvr Mout
1355570Ma'OhariGrarg takes full control of Rax, starting the Dark Century
general under Gorthunder
Grarg gives control of Rax back to himself,ending the Dark Century
1456Ma'Oharicaptures Orias Vual
1462 Ma'Ohariloses mortality, becomes a hell knight, starts the Retribution Campaign
establishes the order of death knights Lix Tetrax
creates Kuralda
1467Hells Wombjoins the First Dead Council, General of the Black Tide
1485700Lunia, Hellskilled by Apoxlin, Apoxlin's Sentence begins, removed from the First Dead Council
1503Hellsmarries Kat-Trâra Hlothuru
1515730Tribe Steppesmercenary captain of the Gorum Horde
1632 Azrikbecomes a general of Ba'lith armies
1672Azrikforges the Treaty of Droorlow
1683898AzrikApoxlin's Sentence ends
1693AzrikPact of Behemoths starts
1694Azrikstarts the Coeus Civil War
1695910Azrikslays the demigod Coeus, becomes Emperor of Ba'lith
1696 Azrikconquers the Ackairon
1697Azrik, Maleddanar, Ma'Oharistarts the Brothers Enmity War
1698Azrikfrees Galathrel
1723Azrik, Maleddanar, Ma'Oharivictor of the Brothers Enmity War
1729AzrikPact of Behemoths ends
18321,047Cinazandrops an Entropy Arch into Sapthiladân

Timeline of Apoxlin's Sentence, 189 years with Hells Eleven Tours, and ten back on Bal-Kriav (1 Tour = 9 Years)
14851494Hells First TourCaina
Apoxlin's Sentence begins
learns Infernal
14941503Bal-Kriav First Return
15031512Hells Second Tour
marries Kat-Trâra Hlothuru
learns Abyssal
15121521Bal-Kriav Second Return
15211530Hells Third TourNessus, Mellixunder Asmdoeus against Baphomet
15301539Bal-Kriav Third Return
15481557Hells Fourth Tour
15571566Bal-Kriav Fourth Return
15661575Hells Fifth TourNasu'ginn
15751584Bal-Kriav Fifth Return
15841593Hells Sixth Tour
15931502Bal-Kriav Sixth Return
16021611Hells Seventh Tour
16111620Bal-Kriav Seventh Return
16201629Hells Eighth Tour
16291638Bal-Kriav Eighth ReturnAzrik1632, becomes Ba'lith general
16381647Hells Ninth Tour
16471656Bal-Kriav Ninth Return
16561665Hells Tenth Tour
16651674Bal-Kriav Tenth ReturnAzrik1672, forges the Treaty of Droorlow
16741683Hells Eleventh TourCaina, Nessus
Asmdoeus gives Rax the Maze Furnace
Apoxlin's Sentence ends