TypeChaos Archon (Water)
Creation14 Hollow 550 DE
LanguageAquan, Langurâpha

Water archons with their humanoid features, were created from water elementals. They were given greater intelligence and the ability to operate in the same areas and ways as humanoids. The intent was for them to compete with, and ultimately wage war on the Lith-Crillion and other newly made races of the Creationists. Diverse worlds and environments led to the need of other archon types, leading to the creation of archons specialized for a particular environment.

Outside of Chaos, water chaos archons or are scattered across many words, left there after the Creation War, or having been summoned or crossed over via rift. They may number in the millions across many worlds, but in Chaos there are thought to be billions of them.

The water chaos archons of the world Bal-Kriav are called the Hydrocur. In the Horgon Era, they came to this world in a primordial troop ship named Shiphis Helas. Like on Osâchar, the world they fled, the Hydrocur were overseers, soldiers, and police. They took their orders without question from Durkoth masters.

In 1011 HE, the Abâthigûr Empire fell. The Hydrocur, second rank citizens of the empire, became the masters of an empire spanning Necrocrypt, southwest across the Bucaaneer Archipelago and into the Karnegmoth region. Under the Durkoth, they never sat in meetings of the civil governments, so when their masters suddenly disappeared in the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), things went bad rather quickly. On Necrocrypt, the heart of the empire, the Sussgurd rose up in a series of revolts. They took to the jungles and highlands of Gathrot and its sister islands, using guerrilla tactics against their new masters. In the fourth year of the Sussgurd-Necrocrypt Rebellion, the Hydrocur corralled the rebels towards Maphas-Kas. In this area, particularly at the Cinnuru Mine, the rebels fell prey to powerful undead, necromantic traps and other baleful influences left behind by Molakh-Búle. Many became undead and turned on the living and either slaughtered them or turned them into undead. For the rest of the civil war, they were a threat to both sides.

In 1019 HE, most of the Hydrocur boarded their watery ships and travelled to the northern bays of Izagunbar. Before they left, some enterprising Hydrocur raided Barâb-Tarban. In this Mularûn prison lab, they took tomes and other things left behind with the Durkoth Descent. They planned to use this knowledge of their former masters to replenish their stock of minions.

In the deeps of Ginnoth, roughly 1800 miles from Necrocrypt, they founded the settlement Bue'kaa. With little opposition, they took control of the nearby bays, islands and coastal tracts. They raided the mainland, capturing humanoids and other creatures. They experimented on these captives, the goal to create soldiers that would help them reclaim Abâthigûr's former holdings in the Karnegmoth region. Perhaps the most useful book in these experiments of Creation was the ancient tome Maurgîn-Hîr. With this tome, and after nearly three centuries of experimentation, Bue'kaa's scientists created the Elderaunt race.

In 1619 HE, the Hydrocur were driven from Athoreon by a series of Elderaunts uprisings. They fled north to the undersea areas of the Buccaneer Archipelago. In these areas they built secretive holds, still experimenting on those they captured. In the First Epoch, they created the Deep Bred.

The Hydrocur have shown themselves to be a people that like others to do their fighting for them. First it was the elderaunts, with the goal of creating a land army so as to re-take the former Karnegmoth holdings of Abâthigûr. Later, they created the Deep Bred as a potential force to control all of Buccaneer Archipelago. In both cases, they ended up creating races that were too intelligent, independent, and unwilling to serve a master. Perhaps, where they continue to fail is not indoctrinating their subjects in faith?

- Katrana, excerpt from her book - "The Deep Ones"

Racial Traits
Racial as water archon