RegionHells Womb
Founded29 Temporal 1025

Built by the Kal-Oni Empire, Troom began as a simple frontier outpost. It was always under threat by hostile elements coming out of Ghar-Lakh, Cormindar, and Isaril. Most of the attacks came from the eight orc tribes operating out of the Cormindar highlands. When not busy mining the season's ore, they turned to raiding. This was seasonal work, for in the summer months Ghar-Lakh' channels are too low for ore-laden barges. Destined for Tarkrath, 270 miles away, the ore passed through many hands along the journey. By the time it reached its destination, it was usually a net loss for the shipment. Nonethless, being Tarkrath's only source for iron, they made up the difference with other resources and raiding.

Ghar-Lakh Graagvrii sometimes allied with the area's orc tribes. They both viewed Kal-Oni settlements pushing north as a threat. Beyond their own interest in iron ore, Kal-Oni built to Troom as part of a treaty with Dalg's chieftain. Troom was to take the brunt of attacks, hopefully taking pressure off of Dalg's surrounding villages and homesteads.

When hostilities broke-out between Tarkrath and the Kal-Oneans, Troom was the first to see war. In 1031, Troom fell to the orcs. The entire garrison and the civilians were slaughtered. As a result of this wanton butchery, Kal-Oni vowed to drive the orcs from Kamoni. Ten years later, they succeeded. For the orcs that lost their home land, this period of forced migration became known as the Arduous March (1041 - 1096).

Today, Troom is a haunted place. The spirits of Troom are restless. The merciless slaughter of civilians and the murdered soldiers under a flag of surrender resulted in the creation of banshees and other undead. Pûrag Liram, a renown undead smith, dwells at Troom. He is sometimes hired by those seeking to forge evil weapons that cause harm to mortal hands.

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