Glothreth Rift

Opened17 Hollow 751

The Glothreth Rift is sited in a hewn lava stone canyon overshadowed by the battlements of Glothreth. The rift was opened when the wizard Anube sacrificed her soul to power up the legendary artifact Pumice Throne. This mystical ritual resulted in a one-way rift between the worlds Muspelheim and Bal-Kriav. Fire loving creatures like fire archons, fire giants, salamanders, hell hounds, and others have been coming through this gate ever since its opening.

Those that have come through the rift say they felt drawn to the rift, a feeling of security to be had. Once they crossover to Bal-Kriav, in the bowels of Glothreth they are pressed into military units, urged by the Pumice Throne, they become pieces in the Thrones War (751 - present).

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