Buccaneer Archipelago

Triangle of Continents
LocationPearl Sea

The Buccaneer Archipelago is an island chain stretching from the shores of Hells Womb, brushing the western coasts of Ma'Ohari, and ending north of Izagunbar. It is the crux of three seas - the Sea of Mourning to the east, the Pearl Sea to the West and the channel sea Salzârrâk in the south.

In the Creation War, Thjorygg's galleys prowled these islands, intercepting Covenant transports. In the Demon Spawn War, the area became the hunting ground for demon pirates. These were rogue demons who had abandoned their demon lord, setting out to make their own fortunes, or mayhem.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, these islands were wild, virtually unclaimed. The rise of Abâthigûr, Mir'piamauza, and other civilizations changed all of this, with trade brought pirates seeking plunder. In the decades after the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), and the founding of empires along the coasts of southern Midrêth. The Buccaneer Archipelago became crisscrossed with trade routes; the Triangle of Continents, home to tens of thousands of pirates.

The Buccaneer Archipelago has many deep natural harbors that afford protection to ships traveling the high seas and weathering the tropical storms that frequent the area. The worst storms occur in the summer when the storms roll up the eastern coasts of Karterus and into the Buccaneer Archipelago. When these storms clash with similar storms coming up from Salzârrâk they can join and produce what mariners call a Tempest Gale. These massive hurricanes are devastating, sometimes producing swells of 100' high or more.

As a result of all the commerce flowing through this region, there are pirates galore. They are scattered across the thousands of islands of the archipelago. Some of these groups are large enough to be classified as organizations. In times of war between the continental empires, pirates can be found serving as mercenaries or "licensed" pirates for the belligerents.

No empire, organization or group claims control of the Buccanneer Archipelgo. The Pirate Lords are considered the de-facto power of the region. Many nations have attempted to seize islands, but their ownership is usually brief, since the Pirate Lords go active and assemble their fleet whenever faced with a powerful external threat. The pirates strategy is to seize provisioning ships and conduct land raids on any groups that attempt to set-up permanent residence in their "backyard". This pirating and raiding usually starves the garrisons out or results in the slavery and death of the squatters. There are some exceptions, such as the former pirate haven of Sûreg.

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