Nemegral Outskirts
RegionTroll Bogs
Ownertributary city-state (Ningizzida)
War Troll1%
Founded29 Lunar 1198

Nemegral is a tributary city-state, answering to the Ningizzida Empire. Sited in Chen'gom's northern tracts, Nemegral is led by a confederate government, tribal chieftains called the Barbagan.

Nemegral is a filthy, stinking place. The city center is built on a craggy hill surrounded by Ugrol's insect-infested wetlands. With growth, they city's boundaries expanded into the swamp. This led to the building of large structures, built on pylons above the water. Some live in these wooden structures, always water-logged from the rain, or underneath the decks in the muck below.

It city is near lawless, with its people holding a "might makes right" mentality. Nemegral has terrible sanitation, a haven for disease and sickness, and dangerous to visit for those not accustomed to such conditions.

The major exports of the city are weaponry, poisons, and acid. The water approaches to the city are through a maze of fisheries and outposts built among magically fortified cypresses and mangroves. These trees, along with those built into the walls of Nemegral have been druidic enhanced to be resistant to blight, fire, and rot. Nemegral has a formidable garrison of trolls and Viidostor led by necrothanes, along with a few black dragons and several war troll companies.

Long before the city was founded, the area around it had a long tradition of producing powerful warmongering tribes. When wars broke out in the Troll Bogs, the Urgol marshes were a source of recruitment and clandestine activities. The warring parties would often see to it that the yuan-ti, trolls, and Viidostor tribes got embroiled in their own conflict just so they would not end up as mercenaries of the other side. The source of the area's war mentality is believed to be a product of an ancient half-sunken shrine at the heart of Ugrol. The only thing visible of the War Spirit Shrine is the head of a warrior. In the Horgon Era, it was prayed to by any who could reach it, whereupon they were blessed with a boon that made them more keen to their surrounding, swifter, and stronger. After a time, those that had been there several times, became the voices of the war god Ares. They spread the word of the war god among their people and unleashed their shaman arts upon their enemies and those that questioned their god's orders. Worship of Ares, remains strong among the populace of Nemegral. Their war shamans are usually the power behind any taking a seat among the Barbagan. Nemegral's most widely worshiped deity is Semuanya.

Notable Areas
  • Leashed Market - slave market
  • Marsh Toxic Plaza - this market has the widest selection of poisons on Brucrumus, including the dreaded Thasmudyans Bile