Pitch Bone Legion

The Pitch Bone Legion
CategoryCrack Units
RegionHells Womb
Alignmentchaotic evil
Symboltwo black stars
Mottoour dead pile will block out the sun

This ancient army of undead has brought terror and destruction to Hells Womb, Grashakh and the Lands of Purity several times. In ages past, the Cult of Worms and the Black Tide of Thasmudyan employed this undead legion in numerous battles.

The Pitch Bone Legion rests beneath the numerous burial mounds and graves of the Bauru-Tûr. When the proper sacrifices are made, Thasmudyan loans an ancient tome to one of his favored necromancers. This tome is the Ebon Legion. It contains one spell, calling forth the Pitch Bone Legion to do their bidding.

In 1255, the Cult of Worms raised the Pitch Bone Legion. They used this undead army to try and force Kal-Oni into rescinding a religious decree forbidding the practice of necromancy. After several months of controlling them, the Cult lost control of their undead horde. Over the next twelve years, the undead roamed about Hells Womb causing havoc and killing anything they came across. War accounts of the Gwaeldior Alliance say the undead legion proved difficult to engage in combat and track down since they left no tracks in their wake and would disappear into woodlands or rivers by day and emerge at night to continue their march or start an attack. They also say that when faced with a certain defeat, the undead legion would disappear into a mist that appeared out of nowhere.

The undead of this legion are terrifying to behold. The clatter of bones, the ting of cruel weapons and spiked armor to skeletal forms echo through the mists, then the charred bones of the first ranks appear in the mist, a thin wispy fog surrounds each soldier. Then battle ensues. Skeletal cavalry move in to encircle weakened enemy units. Explosions of lightning and fire light up the mists from death priests and necromancers near the center of the army. Crack units of ju-ju zombies and giant skeletons move in to break the resistance of enemy forces. Wave after wave they come, those that fall before them, then rise as new soldiers of the Pitch Bone Legion.

- Droth-Burn Rotgut Jung, "The Battle Report of Sorrow Pass"

In 1267, the Lances of Merioss destroyed the Pitch Bone Legion at the Battle of Mynzuth. This knightly order effectively destroyed the undead horde for a time, but it would rise again in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). In this war, the Pitch Bone Legion was under command of Katrana. She revived this deadly undead legion by shipping their bones to Necrocrypt where they were tossed into six Night Vats, reviving them to fight again.

The Pitch Bone Legion was the force used to destroy the holy forces at Holy Sanctum. In the Siege of Holy Sanctum, the place fell to this undead legion and suffered a near total population loss.