Dawn Era Age of Creation

AliasAge of Creation, Primordial Era
Period0 DE - 8777 DE

The Dawn Era spans the period 0 DE to 8777 DE. This era was the Age of Creation, when worlds and lifeforms outside of Chaos were being forged by the Creationists. To do this, they siphoned-off the raw materials and entropic energies from the heart of the universe, creating worlds and all the stuff that goes in them. When the Primordial Lords learned of these happening, a great war ensued. For much of this era the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE) raged between the Nawirrûs Covenant and the Primordials.

Some of the historical evidence of this time comes from the Scrolls of Dawn and the Hirstyr Signir.

Year 1 DE - Step of Foundation

The first world of Piranoths Steps is created by the primordial Piranoth. He calls this new world a Primordial word that means Step of Foundation.

Year 3 DE - Sphere 2

Piranoth, using his powers of Creation, creates what for a long time is simply known as Sphere 2. In the Abyssal Release, it would become better known as the world Azu'tzor.

Year 4 DE - Hirstyr Signir

Piranoth begins recording the history of his making Piranoths Steps. This area of columns and pedestal-tablets is Hirstyr Signir.

Year 11 DE - Birth of Chronos

Chronos is born.

Year 12 DE - Creationist

Bruh Kreniik becomes an Arch-Creationist.

Year 15 DE - The Aboleth

Piranoth creates the Aboleth race.

Year 21 DE - Sphere 4

Piranoth creates the world of Abyssm.

Year 53 DE - Birth of Hades

Hades, son of Chronos and Rhea, is born.

Year 56 DE - Birth of Poseidon

Poseidon, son of Chronos and Rhea, is born.

Year 61 DE - The World of Kraa'tzor

Piranoth creates the world of Kraa'tzor.

Year 77 DE - Sphere 7

Having figured out the workings of Creation, Bruh Kreniik creates Sphere 7; later to be more formerly named Lunia.

Year 78 DE - Wahliik Brood

Bahamut, Tiamat, and others of the Wahliik Brood hatch from their eggs.

In the Mechanus System, 3-I creates the world called Gears Infinite.

Year 81 DE - The Modron

The Third Instructor creates the Modron race.

Year 98 DE - The World of Machinum

In the Mechanus System, 3-I creates the world of Machinum.

Year 236 DE - Nessus

In the Ellubôz system, the world Nessus is created by Bruh Kreniik.

Year 241 DE - Scion of the Fog Breaker

On Nessus, in the area of the Great Forges, the first green dragon, Caesinsjach, and the first brass dragon, Golruwyrm, are born.

Year 247 DE - Arvandor

Arvandor, the first world of the Arborea system, is created by the Prime Architect.

Year 385 DE - The Storm Giants

The Storm Giant race is created by Piranoth.

Year 466 DE - The Earth Elemental

In a Entropic Pond, a primordial creationist by the name of Storralk shapes the first Earth Elemental.

Year 481 DE - The Fire Elemental

Kossuth shapes the first Fire Elemental.

Year 485 DE - Uth Alok

Uth Alok, first world of the Mortal Systems, is created by Bruh Kreniik and another Arch-Creationist named Danzar-Khâl.

Year 476 DE - The Air Elemental

The Prime Architect creates the first Air Elemental.

Year 486 DE - The Water Elemental

The Prime Architect creates the first Water Elemental.

Year 500 DE - The Lith-Crilion

Bruh Kreniik creates the first Lith-Crillion on Uth Alok.

Year 514 DE - The Frost Giants

The Frost Giant race is created by Piranoth.

Year 515 DE - Muspelheim

The world Muspelheim is created.

Year 540 DE - Birth of Set

Set is born.

Year 542 DE - The Earth Giants

Hettar, son of Piranoth, creates the Earth Giant race.

Year 560 DE - The Laupha

The Laupha, humanoid-like elementals powered by electricity, are created by the Prime Architect.

Year 578 DE - The Endless Wall

The head of the Endless Wall begins on a doorstep to the Sea of Entropy.

Year 585 DE - Crillion Comet

Bruh Kreniik constructs the Crillion Comet.

Year 651 DE - The Fire Giants

The Fire Giant race is created by Piranoth.

Year 661 DE - Birth of Anubis

Aboard the Crillion Comet, from one of its spawning ponds, Anubis is born.

Year 666 DE - Naratyr

Naratyr is built by Gabin Kûn.

Year 720 DE - The Humans

Bruh Kreniik creates Species 32; better known today as a collective term for all the human sub-races. The most noted of these first humans are Benevolence, Bal-Kriav, and Lukoon.

Year 722 DE - Birth of Arastel

Arastel is born.

Year 751 DE - Regulus

Regulus, the first world of Mechanus is created.

Year 769 DE - Kriav is Formed

The world Kriav is forged from Chaos by Bal-Kriav, Corellon, and a cadre of powerful archangels.

Year 776 DE - Brith of Corellon

Bruh Kreniik creates the first Kriavfahliil, naming him Corellon.

Year 821 DE - Birth of Hades

Hades is born.

Year 826 DE - Birth of Sehanine

Sehanine is born.

Year 841 DE - Díronost

Díronost, first settlement of the Kriavfahliil, is founded on the world Kriav.

Year 1088 DE - The Tungesti

The Tungesti race is created by the Creationist god Bal-Kriav.

Year 1119 DE - The Wood Elves

On the world Kriav, Corellon creates the first wood elves.

Year 1301 DE - Cube Collapse

The Cube of Arcane on Kriav collapses. This Cube Collapse floods the world with magic, forever changing it. The first Satyr and Centaurs come about from this explosion.

Poseidon becomes a Sentient Creationist.

Year 1304 DE - Tungesti Arrival

Using the Ruld Geidlund, Tungesti settle in Gathargûl.

Year 1311 DE - Hawkthorn Division

Centuaur ruffians form the gang Hawkthorn Division.

Year 1315 DE - The Theegans

The Theegan race is created by the Creationist god Benevolence.

Year 1322 DE - Vu Kes is Formed

Vu Kes, a world of the Asteraoth system, is forged from Chaos by Bruh Kreniik.

Year 1340 DE - The Merfolk

Poseidon creates the Merfolk race.

Year 1360 DE - Atloknar

Atloknar is founded by the Merfolk.

Year 1385 DE - Moyawel is Formed

Sphere 405, or what is maker named Moyawel, is forged from Chaos by Danzar-Khâl.

Year 1395 DE - Ilabizdum is Formed

Sphere 407, a world that will one day be called Ilabizdum, is forged from Chaos by Danzar-Khâl. On this same world, he creates the Galeb-Duhr.

Year 1398 DE - Buldapulax

From a Birthing Pond aboard the Crillion Comet, Buldapulax is born.

Year 1399 DE - Marragh is Formed

Sphere 408, a world that will one day be called Marragh is forged from Chaos by Bruh Kreniik.

Year 1400 DE - The Dulun

Danzar-Khâl creates the dwarven race Dulun. One of these first dwarves is the future god Naraz-Nâru. Dulun history begins on the world Ilabizdum.

Orb 399 is created by Bingatho.

Year 1401 DE - Orb 400 is Formed

Bruh Kreniik and Danzar-Khâl working in concert to build the prison moon Orb 400. At the core of this moon they imprison Bingatho. As time goes on, the moon becomes known simply as Bingatho.

Year 1419 DE - Birth of Ares

Ares is born.

Year 1425 DE - The Kobolds

Caesinsjach creates the Kobold race.

Year 1435 DE - Ghífthauk is Formed

Sphere 410, better known today as Ghífthauk, is forged from Chaos by Bruh Kreniik.

Year 1449 DE - Birth of Baltalas

Baltalas is born to the primordial lord Kossuth and an unknown fiery primordial.

Year 1451 DE - Sphere 411

Sphere 411, a world that will one day be called Bal-Kriav, is forged from Chaos by Benevolence.

A side effect of the Cube Collapse, the rift called Ruld Geidlund opens between Kriav and newly created world of Bal-Kriav.

Year 1452 DE - Osâchar is Formed

Sphere 412, a world that will one day be called Osâchar, is forged from Chaos by Benevolence.

Year 1453 DE - Opulent Eye is Formed

Orb 398, a moon orbiting Bal-Kriav, is forged from Chaos by Benevolence.

Year 1455 DE - Birth of Geb

Geb is created by the primordial lord Piranoth. The birth of Geb creates the depression Izen'nâth, the Kernsking Koils, and the floating landmass Gindinâth.

Munkar Khage is born.

Year 1457 DE - Birth of Surtur

Surtur is born to the primordial lord Kossuth and an unknown fire titan.

Year 1460 DE - Sphere 415

Sphere 415, a world that will come to be known as Throndar, is forged from Chaos by Balthioul.

Year 1481 DE - Vaults of Ayaraigas

Benevolence begins constructing the Vaults of Ayaraigas.

Year 1482 DE - The Nithians

The Nithian race is created by the Creationist god Benevolence. To safeguard them from the looming primordial threat, he secures them in the Vaults of Ayaraigas.

Year 1484 DE - The Âni-Zandân

The Âni-Zandân is commissioned.

Year 1486 DE - Creation War

The primordials, seeking to unravel Creation, start what becomes known as the Creation War, the longest war in history.

The Henmona Rift is opened, beginning the primordial invasion of the world Kriav.

Storralk creates the world Granitoid.

Year 1487 DE - Eysveig

In the Sea of Entropy, the Nine-Tongued Worm creates the disembodied thinker Eysveig.

The CIB, a wing of the Nawirrûs Covenant, is established.

Year 1488 DE - Moyawel Destroyed

Geb and the Master of Tides destroy the world Moyawel.

Year 1490 DE - Eysveigs Infirmary

Eysveigs Infirmary is built.

Year 1498 DE - Sussgurd

Benevolence creates the Sussgurd race.

Tiwa'erra is built by Covenant artificers under Ptah.

Year 1501 DE - Broken Continent

The primordials begin their attack on Sphere 411. The continent of Šadullu is sundered by the Nine-Tongued Worm. This attack makes Sphere 411 another front-line of the Creation War. Side effects of Šadullu's destruction creates the Arachnoids, anguish creates a perpetual storm called Silvanus's Tears, and Cinazan is hit with the Shards of Tiwa'erra.

At the Piranoth Cyst, the first battle of Regadnîn begins.

Year 1502 DE - Great Vein of Surtur

On the world Bal-Kriav, the primordial lord Surtur taps into the world's molten core creating a river of lava that will later become known as the Great Vein of Surtur.

Year 1503 DE - The Grell

In Eysveigs Infirmary, the Grell race are spawn from part of a disembodied thinker.

Year 1510 DE - Scion Steps

The creator god Benevolence, using divine will, crafts the structure Scion Steps. Soon after the place was built, husband and wife, Benevolence and Kesserine, battled each other across this great wonder. The death of Kesserine results in the formation of the Dead God Fountain.

Year 1511 DE - Death of Benevolence

Benevolence creates the titan Atlas.

The god Benevolence dies from grief. His body solidifies and becomes a rocky mass that will forever float about the skies of Bal-Kriav. These floating islands come to be known as the Clouds of the Dead God.

Year 1545 DE - Birth of Silvanus

Silvanus is born.

Year 1588 DE - The Talaxans

The Talaxan race is created by Bruh Kreniik.

Year 1590 DE - The Eenkai

The Eenkai race is created by Balthioul.

Year 1599 DE - The Dao

Using earth elementals as a model, Storralk creates the Dao.

Year 1621 DE - The Earth Archons

In an Entropic Pond, the primordial creationist Storralk creates the Earth Archon.

Year 1628 DE - Muspelheim

Unstable with rifts to Chaos, the world Muspelheim is cut away from the Mortal Systems.

Year 1640 DE - The Efreet

The efreet are created by the primordial Kossuth.

Year 1648 DE - The Fire Archon

The Fire Archon are created by Colonel Zabire.

Year 1672 DE - The Water Archon

Poseidon creates the Water Archon.

Year 1685 DE - The Turkûn

The descendants of the Dulun armies and workers on Bal-Kriav, become known as the Turkûn.

Year 1688 DE - Radullu Rift

Sarseg creates the Radullu Rift, creating a bridge between the worlds Bal-Kriav and Throndar.

Year 1692 DE - Aša Okil

Covenant forces construct Aša Okil as a counter to primordial attacks by way of the Radullu Rift.

Year 1694 DE - Aša Abrai

Covenant forces construct Aša Abrai as a counter to primordial attacks by way of the Radullu Rift.

Year 1698 DE - Aša Ukhan

Covenant forces construct Aša Ukhan.

Year 1712 DE - The Durkoth

Sathel creates the Durkoth race.

Year 1784 DE - The Eldritch Giants

The Eldritch Giants are created by Hettar.

Year 1785 DE - The Azwyr Amoruk

Changed from generations of exposure to the abyssal energy of Piranoths Steps, Dulun slaves become known as the first Azwyr Amoruk.

Year 1789 DE - The Naga

Primordial experiments on the captured world Osâchar lead to the creation of the Naga.

Year 1790 DE - The Hydrocur

Tainted by entropic energy, the Hydrocur are created.

Year 1795 DE - Kythac Helas

The voidship Kythac Helas is built by the primordial lord Beldileck.

Year 1796 DE - First Dryad

Huemutril, the first Dryad, is created by Silvanus.

Year 1798 DE - Sea Elves

Sathel, a Sentient Creationist, creates the Sea Elf race.

Year 1803 DE - Girothe Helas

The voidship Girothe Helas is built by the primordial lord Beldileck.

Year 1809 DE - Shiphis Helas

The voidship Shiphis Helas is built by the primordial lord Beldileck.

Year 1810 DE - Knudmid

The Knudmid are created by the Arch-Creationist Storralk.

Year 1812 DE - Svoghast Helas

The voidship Svoghast Helas is built by the primordial lord Beldileck.

The Gol'hakh are created by Colonel Zabire.

Year 1833 DE - Aphalur

Aphalur is built by the special forces of the Nawirrûs Covenant.

Year 1837 DE - Nâzel

The fortress Nâzel, designed by Naraz-Nâru, is built for the Nawirrûs Covenant.

Year 1841 DE - The Firenewt

Kossuth creates the firenewt race.

Year 1844 DE - Machâr

The Machâr fortifications are built by the Nawirrûs Covenant.

Year 1849 DE - Irrair

The Irrai fortifications are built by the Nawirrûs Covenant.

Year 1892 DE - Birth of Arcana

Arcana is born.

Year 1926 DE - Magis Institute

Covenant forces under Arcana magically construct the Magis Institute.

Year 1946 DE - Arcanas Rip

The forging of the Rod of Arcane Absolution consumes part of the world around it, leaving in its wake a great subterranean gash called Arcanas Rip.

Year 1960 DE - Atar Eysa

Surtur creates the Atar Eysa volcano.

Year 1971 DE - Rîni

The Covenant builds the coastal fortress Rîni.

Year 1985 DE - Tulukhan

The floating battle station Tulukhan is built by forces under Ares.

Year 1987 DE - The Illithid

At an Entropic Pond, the Nine-Tongued Worm accidentally creates the Illithid race.

Year 1988 DE - Graer

Surtur creates the Graer volcano.

Year 1990 DE - Orra

Covenant forces began constructing the Orra defenses.

Surtur creates the Gistborri volcano.

Year 2001 DE - Kjar Eysa

Surtur creates the Kjar Eysa volcano.

Year 2002 DE - Graer Breach

Covenant undermining creates the Graer Breach.

Year 2055 DE - The Sprite

Orr-Krurn creates Sprite race.

Year 2144 DE - The Beholders

The Beholder race is created by the primordial lord Beldileck.

Year 2162 DE - Arnergal

Surtur detonates a null mine on Bal-Kriav, creating the fiery lake Arnergal.

Year 2185 DE - Sea Tunnel

The Sea Tunnel, an inter-dimensional channel linking two distant oceans of Bal-Kriav, is created by Sathel.

Year 2219 DE - Githyon's Children

Githyon changes the energy composition of his earth archon subjects, creating the Githyanki and Githzerai races.

Year 2200 DE - Sea Breach

Buldapulax creates the Sea Breach.

Year 2221 DE - Marakellûth

Marakellûth is built by forces under the Covenant leader Iphæyûs.

Year 2240 DE - The Pixie

Corellon creates Pixie race.

Year 2309 DE - Valdirinwë

The elven named settlement Valdirinwë is founded by the Arachnoids.

Year 2318 DE - Great Fey Circles

On the world of Bal-Kriav, a sprite named Naramindan creates the first Great Fey Circle.

Year 2415 DE - Svirlido

Githzerai in service to the Nawirrûs Covenant began work on the Svirlido settlement.

Year 2601 DE - The Tritons

The offspring of a thousand member merfolk harem and Triton, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, creates the first tritons.

Year 2603 DE - The Aarakocra

Corellon creates the Aarakocra race.

Year 2611 DE - The Gorantin

Balthioul creates the Gorantin race.

Year 2660 DE - Siege of Saelmgar

Covenant forces under Takarrûs attack Saelmgar.

Year 2800 DE - The Thorn

Naramindan creates the first Thorn.

Year 2840 DE - The Halfling

Naramindan creates the first Halfing.

Year 2955 DE - Birth of Abbathor

Abbathor is born.

Year 3101 DE - Endearing Shackles

Danzar-Khâl creates the prison world Endearing Shackles.

Year 3126 DE - The Lacedon

Aboard the Halatrax, the first Lacedon is created.

Year 3288 DE - The Treant

Using a Spark of Creation and Warp Matter from the Decomposition String, the Covenant colonel Silvanus creates the first Treant.

Year 3345 DE - Roots of Núlananya

Silvanus creates the Roots of Núlananya, a spy network serving under the Nawirrûs Covenant.

Year 3486 DE - Pillar of Chronos

The Pillar of Chronos is built by Chronos.

Year 3888 DE - The Maug

In Regulus's construct factories, the first Maug are forged.

Year 4007 DE - Birth of Athena

Athena is born.

Year 4261 DE - Falling Tides

Working to destroy the world Regulus, the Master of Tides is killed by the dragon Bruh Kreniik and the Covenant general Danzar-Khâl.

Year 4444 DE - Andibutt

Andibutt is built as a refuge for mortals fleeing the primordial invasion of Bal-Kriav.

Year 4487 DE - Birth of Semuanya

Caesinsjach creates Semuanya.

Year 4500 DE - Leaders Fall

Golruwyrm kills the primordial lord Buldapulax. Overwhelmed by the primordial army, Golruwyrm's last breath, devastating in its effects, creates the Sands of Hell and the landmark Diiv Prok.

Year 4509 DE - Death of Anubis

In a battle south of Hullbreaker bay, Anubis is killed by Asoun.

Year 4544 DE - Fëamanirya

Triton soldiers under Sathel build the undersea stronghold Fëamanirya.

Year 4559 DE - Death of Amphitrite

At the siege of Fëamanirya, the primordial Amphitrite, a general in the Nawirrûs Covenant, is killed with the artifact Buldadel.

Year 4566 DE - Vu Kes Consumed

Caesinsjach is killed defending the world Vu Kes. Eight days later, this world is torn apart by the Nine-Tongued Worm, shunted back to Chaos.

Year 4571 DE - The Graagvrii

Semuanya creates the Graagvrii.

Year 4586 DE - The Viidostor

Semuanya creates the Viidostor.

Year 4671 DE - Pyramid of Anubis

The Pyramid of Anubis is built over the remains of the fallen archangel Anubis.

Year 4672 DE - Sinnauma

Construction begins on the Sinnauma coastal fortress.

Year 5002 DE - Death of Bal-Kriav

At the siege of Irrai, Supreme Covenant Commander Bal-Kriav is killed by Nakh-Zennîm.

Year 6115 DE - Morte'lumin War

The Morte'lumin War begins.

Year 6404 DE - Anaz Rift

The Anaz Rift is opened. The opening of this intra-system rift creates the volcano-like mountain Anaz.

Year 6607 DE - Etteir

The city-sized fortress Etteir is built by the armies under Orr-Krurn and Cari'phis.

Year 6611 DE - Orchirion

Orchirion is built by Silvanus and the Hedge Legion.

Year 6744 DE - Closing the Henmona Rift

The Henmona Rift is closed by the Golden Seven.

Year 6891 DE - Thyrm is Born

In a remote corner of the frigid wastes of Fimbulwinter, a frost giant is born to a former concubine of Piranoth. She names her son Thyrm.

Year 6985 DE - Fall of Etteir

Etteir falls from a two pronged attack, one by land, the other by sea, with Danzar-Khâl and Sathel leading the Covenant's armies to victory.

Year 7009 DE - Birth of Asmodeus

Asmodeus is born.

Year 7500 DE - Ribbon of Entropy

Tarâk begins the dig for Ilabizdum's link to Chaos, its Decomposition String.

Year 7501 DE - Felân-Akthûl

The towers of Felân-Akthûl are built by Danzar-Khâl.

Year 7681 DE - Birth of Blibdoolpoolp

Using entropic energy, a team of aboleth researchers create Blibdoolpoolp.

Year 7700 DE - Rilmani

The Battle of the Eldritch Lords ends with the temporary death of Arcana and Sarseg. It also results in the creation of the Rilmani race as well as hundreds of xag-ya and xeg-yi.

Year 7762 DE - Birth of Sess'innek

Sess'innek is born.

Year 7777 DE - Abyssal Release

The demons of Piranoths Steps began a rebellion for mastery of what Piranoth created. This war comes to be known as the Abyssal Release.

Year 7791 DE - End of Maen Grirngrim

Maen Grirngrim is defeated by the Golden Seven.

Year 7792 DE - Tarâk

Exposed to the Decomposition String, Tarâk and his elite guards become monstrosities of their former selves.

Year 7806 DE - World Splitter

After finding Warp Matter, Tarâk begins construction on the World Splitter.

Year 7859 DE - Jurusalax

Jurusalax, the first blood fiend, is born to Gabin Kûn.

Year 7886 DE - The Lorhazi

Corrupted on Piranoths Steps, a group of water naga become known as the Lorhazi.

Year 7915 DE - The Thri-kreen

The Thri-kreen race is created by the primordial lord Beldileck.

Year 7941 DE - Womb of Entropy

The Womb of Entropy is built by the primordials Geb and Sarseg.

Year 8011 DE - Birth of Baalzebul

Baalzebul is born.

Year 8066 DE - Storralk in Chains

Demogorgon and Hon'palos capture Storralk, ending the Morte'lumin War.

Year 8201 DE - Graz'zt, the Fallen Angel

Graz'zt becomes a Fallen Angel.

Khaarane, cambion daughter of Graz'zt and Lilek, is born.

Year 8205 DE - Death of Beldileck

On Orb 398, scores of rebel beholders working in unison, turn Beldileck to stone.

Year 8211 DE - The Auhtai

The Auhtai race is created by the Creationist Semuanya.

Year 8301 DE - Birth of Talos

The Mark of Talos is created, and along with it Talos is born.

Year 8317 DE - Birth of Zhusalax

Zhusalax is born to Balthioul and a solar named Hamaliel.

Year 8337 DE - Magic Dead Throndar

Sarseg destroys the link between the Throndar and the Web of Magic making it a magic dead world. Balthioul is killed by Bryakus.

Year 8355 DE - Graz'zt, the Demon Lord

Graz'zt becomes a Demon Lord.

Year 8426 DE - The Grimlock

Exposing minions to the Decomposition String, the renegade Tarâk creates the Grimlock race.

Year 8477 DE - The Ogre

The children of Ogtha become known as the Ogre.

Year 8485 DE - The Azer

Exposed to Deep Rocks, Dulun prisoners become the first of the Azer race.

Year 8487 DE - Volod Krind

Volod Krind is built by titans serving under the primordial lord Hettar.

Year 8502 DE - Petrification of Hettar

At Rumak, the primordial lord Hettar is defeated by Bahamut.

Year 8541 DE - The Urd

Using entropic energy, Ingu'lumin creates the Urd race.

Akalgas is founded by Tarâk's grimlocks.

Year 8542 DE - Onaidred's Last

Set and his team slay Onaidred.

Year 8544 DE - Natar

Triton forces of the Nawirrûs Covenant build the undersea bastion Natar.

Year 8588 DE - Cube Drop

Captured by the Golden Seven, the primordial lord Cari'phis is taken in the direction of the prison continent Denerra.

Year 8601 DE - Natar Plague Gullet

Disease-spreading agents of Mephirouth enter Natar's sewers and began making a Plague Gullet.

Year 8602 DE - The Great Pull

Following a plan conceived by Warvild, the future gods Geb, Talos, and Sutur pull an enormous landmass through a rift. From the Sea of Entropy, this alien island enters Bal-Kriav, becoming a new island of the ocean Morwuld Briin. Named Angvild, this island, a great barge unhindered by its mass, ferries a great army of storm and cloud giants under Talos.

Year 8612 DE - The Giff

The Prime Architect is killed by the Nine Tongued Worm. From his dying heart, the Primus Hexaconta, rises his son Primus, the first of the Giff race.

Year 8614 DE - The Kenku

The Kenku race are born from abyssal tainted eggs.

Year 8627 DE - Svaer Hodgrolf

Surtur builds Svaer Hodgrolf.

Year 8633 DE - Kraarion

Kraarion is founded by Callarduran's gnomes.

Year 8635 DE - Death of Gabin Kûn

Gabin Kûn is killed by his son Orcus.

Year 8644 DE - The Shou

Zhusalax uses a life forge to create the Shou race.

Year 8670 DE - Gortuns Rock

Gortuns Rock is built by the angels Atlas and Arcana.

Year 8672 DE - Gulfrek Hjard

Gulfrek Hjard is built by the Thraedli.

Year 8701 DE - Zephuros Mark

The pit Zephuros Mark is created with the noble sacrifice of the archangel Zephuros.

Year 8702 DE - Crulock

Crulock is built by the primordial lord Mephirouth.

Year 8705 DE - The Demacian

The first Demacian come bout from captive Shou exposed to entropic energies.

Year 8715 DE - Thunder Halls

The Nawirrûs Covenant builds the flying prison Thunder Halls.

Year 8750 DE - The Gnomes

Callarduran creates the gnome race.

Year 8765 DE - Gamba-Nîr

Constructions beings on the Covenant Crèche of Gamba-Nîr.

Year 8776 DE - Krarkauk

Geb and Talos finish work on shearing off part of Angvild. The landmass, of alien origins, rises upwards into the cloud. The sheared away mountains and valley, now a floating island becomes known as Krarkauk, and the plateau it leaves behind, the Talos Cleft.

Year 8777 DE - End of the Creation War

The defeat of the primordials by the gods brings an end to the Creation War. The end of this war also ends the Abyssal Release.

The God Era
EpochEra BeginEra End
Lost Ages????
Dawn Era1 DE8777 DE
God Era8778 GE9500 GE
Lith-Crillion Era1 LE2890 LE
Horgon Era1 HE1895 HE
First Epoch1999
Second Epoch10001499
Third Epoch15002000