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In the Demon Spawn War, the world Bal-Kriav was divided into sectors. These sectors were then assigned to the top angel generals serving under then archangel Asmodeus. These old strategy maps became the basis for the world's maps being divided up in Modeus Grid, with sectors today called regions. Some regions like Cinazan have sub-sectors - Darmaer, Melvad and Skegjold.

Large geographic areas of the realm are divided into regions. A region does not denote national borders but a grid system designed in the God Era by angelic war planners. Super regions are areas containing many regions, examples of these are Midrêth, Ninilêth and Tarôzîr. Underdark regions are broken up into tiers (or levels), but this does not mean that all tier 2 regions are deeper than tier 1 regions, though in many cases they are just that.

Over the ages, some region names have changed. In the First Epoch, cartographers of Nuciregmas started keeping the official copy of world maps. They have not changed names for regions since that time except under great threat. The region Lands of Purity was renamed The Grave for a short time during the dark rule of the Black Tide. It was later learned that several influential people at Nuciregmas were forced to make this change by the leaders of the Black Tide. On the overthrow of the Black Tide, the old name was restored.

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Each regional map is 400 miles north to south x 600 miles east to west. The scale of these maps is such that only large notable areas are indicated. Except in special cases - villages, towns, towers, small castles, caves, and other smaller features are not shown.