Naggor Stormhand

RegionHells Womb, Lands of Purity
Class17th barbarian
Alignmentchaotic evil
BirthplaceGelugon Range
Born2 Artifice 1035
Died6 Dreamer 1126

In 1035, in a cave facing east, overlooking Sorrow Pass, a firbolg son was born. He was sold the name "Naggor" by an Ares battle priest. Along with serving as voices of their god, rousing the tribes for war, these priests recorded the history of names. Naggor was an unused name, unsullied by failure. Firbolgs of the region Hells Womb, believe that names are tied to spirits, with successful ones valued very highly, and unused ones worth more than those tied to failures. Naggor's parents paid fifty gold pieces for his name, to them a lot of money. His mother hoped her son's days of glory would not be held back by the likes of a war maiden that once carried her name.

In 1052, at the age of 17, he participated in the Great Raid of Gwaeldior. He began as the leader of a Triangle; a three person fighting team comprised of two attackers and one dedicated to protecting the other two. With commanders dying for the glory of Ares, Naggor was a brigade commander by the time he personally led the charge into Celebriän. Although it was a joint attack by six such commanders, Naggor got the credit for his boldness in charging through the elven defenses, reaching the area where civilians were holed up. This caused a lot of confusion amongst the defenders in his wake. They feared the firbolg war frenzy, something that could only be sated by battle. The thought of hundreds of frenzied barbarians running amok near their loved ones, broke the elven defensive line, one that could have easily kept most of the attackers out. When Celebriän fell, Naggor became a national hero. His first act as chieftain was to depopulate the city. Thousands of captives were sold to the Toomrur tribes of the Ogre Steps, others were used to fulfill pacts made with the Toomrur, or to buy future favors. Around this time, the area where Naggor was born became known as Naggor's Retreat.

The next nine years, Naggor raided Gimhak mining communities and frontier settlements. His brazen attacks were finally stopped when his band was surrounded by a Celebriän army. Even though Naggor had depopulated their city and sold many into slavery, he was given the choice of death or banishment from the region. Naggor took the latter, taking firbolg army west into the Lands of Purity.

Naggor's next exploit was the capture of Iglutt. He traveled across the treacherous and alien glacial flows of Chemosh and then crafted boats to cross the Galathien sea. In the 1064 siege of Iglutt, Naggor slew the red dragon Apocalypse. Naggor settled down in Iglutt, going the path of nation-builder. His empire became the Kingdom of Naggor. His life extended by the Ankh of Phalgas, he ruled for six decades.

In 1126, a slave uprising coupled with a barbarian incursion, resulted in the death of of Naggor Stormhand and the fall of his kingdom. Legend has it that Naggor died while fighting the storm titan Dranfulmus. In the place of Naggor's death, the Red Sword monument was built, honoring the dead king's courage and valor, rather than the man himself.