Ogre Steps

RegionHells Womb

The Ogre Steps are a series of mesas southwest of Gathol and northwest of Gwaeldior. These mesas are surrounded by rolling hills and high grassy plains. In the spring and summer the area sees millions of bees and hundreds of giant-sized ones.

The Ogre Steps were named for the many tribes of Toomrur found here. In the Horgon Era, from around 1600 HG to 1700 HG, they began migrating here from Hiznaar Goz. Hill giants, trolls, goblins and a host of other creatures can be found living among these well-armed and cunning Toomrur tribes. They have camps and bastions scattered across the area's many mesas. Some of these encompass the entirety of the mesa, honeycombed out.

The Toomrur are always in conflict with the firbolg of Naggors Retreat and with the elves of Gwaeldior. Long ago, a charismatic leader named Naggor Stormhand united the Toomrur and the firbolgs. He took this warband against the holds of Strumpktar and CelebriƤn. When Naggor left for the Lands of Purity, the fighting between the tribes of firbolgs and Toomrur renewed.

The goblins of this area tend bee vast colonies. They harvest the honey as a food source and export product. It is not uncommon to see goblins soaring over the flowering steppes mounted on giant bumble bees.