Akann'ndâb - Marninnoth
Founded19 Bloom 195

Akann'ndâb was founded by the union of three Khazarkar tribes, the Bathil, Tânul, and the Tamrazân. At the time, they held an area from Alêth to Gwaelergoth and east to the coasts. On and off rivals, they came to together by necessity. At the time, the the territorial expansion of Tragarans, home to the Hedrac Valley, were pushing into the Imrabêl Valley. The Khazarkars founded Akann'ndâb as the confederation's central command and administrative center.

The first royal family of the khazarkars was established at Akann'ndâb. The first Khazarkar kingdom was established by the family of Belkazim. The Kingdom of Belkazim and those that followed ruled from this city until the capital was moved to Athânâlo.

Akann'ndâb was the heart of religious worship in the First Khazarkar Empire. During the period up to the Year 1002, the Church of Kebechet was the strongest sect of worship in Gulimbor. During the Domination Wars (995 - 1016), the Church of Kebechet gained much power and sought to forge an alliance with the second strongest sect of priests, those of the Church of Set. Their jockeying for power led to an attack by the Eldritch Conclave, the ruling magocracy government. In the Year 1002, the mage army destroyed Akann'ndâb.

Akann'ndâb was once a beautiful place, employing artisans from many races to beautify the place. The central plateau with its sprawling streets meandered down terraced slopes. Magically drawn water from the top of the plateau passed through canals, into ponds, and over waterfalls. The landscaping was such that all this seemed natural. Streets of the city were very wide, allowing easy movement of the crack Elephantan Guard to any part of the city. Today, the water has stopped flowing, and weeds cover the streets and canals. The place is rubble-strewn, with no building escaping the ravages of war. The Eldritch Conclave guardians city still reside here. There are no less than fifty grave dirt golems lurking about the ruins.

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