Clouds Of The Dead God

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Built16 Brightstar 1511 DE

The Clouds of the Dead God move across the realm by way of the Weird Flow. These are not clouds but the petrified body of a dead god. The stone chunks of body parts are massive in size, with the head of the dead god spanning 5 miles from the neck to the broken head. The entirety of the debris field of the Dead God covers about 60 square miles.

The Einglach, probably the oldest keepers of history, claim that this was a noble and lawful god, a being simply called Benevolence. The few that have explored the Clouds of the Dead God managed to decipher images and ancient writings. In summary, these writings say that the god Benevolence met a female angel named Kesserine. These two immortals fell in love and produced nine children. Some theologians say that Benevolence tried to impart his wise and good ways upon his children, but each marched to their own drummer, going different paths. Each child in turn left the family and set out to establish their own view of things. This origin theory for the Alignments is not true, for the soul gathering relics of the Dawn Era, the Wells of Life, were created centuries before the affairs of Benevolence and Kesserine.

When Kesserine could no longer contain the entropic energy inside her, she reverted to her true form. Benevolence saw the primordial monstrosity before him, and only then realized the duplicity of his wife, and her uncanny ability to mask her true form for their centuries of marriage. This realization also explained the nature of their children, mixing of the negative entropy of Benevolence with the chaos of Kesserine produced children with widely different views on the way creatures should lead their lives.

Benevolence in a fit of unbridled rage, battled Kesserine ... with each blow from her mighty sword of pure whiteness, the sky cracked with thunder. Kesserine fought feebly against such passion and rage. After a day of battle between them and their armies, she was slain. Her essence merged with the Weave, becoming a storm of chaos, the Chaos Malestrom. The sadness and grief of what had been produced in the false marriage and the death of the wife he still loved was too much for Benevolence. A year to the day later, at first his body froze in place, then it petrified, rising up into the clouds in pursuit of his lost wife. It did not leave this world, instead it was trapped on our side of the Web, left to drift on the Weird Flow.

- Oreithyia, Einglach Lore Sentinel - "The Storm and the Stone Clouds"

The Clouds of the Dead God is composed of numerous massive rocks, all chunks of the former body of the god Benevolence. Some are inhabited by flying creatures, such as cloud giants, chaos rocs, thunder worms, sunwyrms, and even used occasionally as a base for pirating skyships.

Late in the Lith-Crillion Era, a large group of storm giants dwelled in the Clouds of the Dead God. In 2856 LE, they departed the Cloud and settled on the island of Ronossilya and founded the settlement of Svirrurm. In 1022, the Clouds of the Dead God were widely seen across the lower regions of Brucrumus.

Related Information
The Clouds of the Dead God make their appearance over Brucrumus every two to eight years. The arrival of this marvel casts shadows over vast tracts of land. It drifts at a speed of 10 MPH at an altitude of 10,000' to 15,000'. When it encounters mountain ranges, the Clouds of the Dead God rises above them. The movement of this marvel, drifting lazily across the clouds, leads to devout worship and holy days in the Lands of Purity and other areas of law and goodness.