RegionIce Cap
Built28 Saunas 92 LE

Haag-Bre is a great citadel built in the jagged mossy cliffs of upper Nalbirag. It was built in the Lith-Crillion Era by a goblin merchant lord. This merchant lord was of the Ku'tiro family then based out of Nemebhox. Haag-Bre protected the gold mines of western Nalbirag. Along the river Jhernarth, great caves were built by Nemebhox's navy. For defensive reasons, these are not high enough for tall ships, with high mast ships anchoring in the river or along the miles of pontoon piers.

In 1318, the second year of the Nalbirag Gold War, the wizard Râlê captured this place. He like many who have attacked it in the past, was after the gold. Four years later, Haag-Bre was attacked by forces out of Uromon. In the siege, Râlê attempted to summon aid from the Abyss. His spell was interrupted by assassins which he quickly dealt with. Instead of an army of petty demons, it summoned in a stampede of cows. These abyssal cows ran amok in the keep, stampeding goblins and dwarves alike. They broke out of the place, smashing and trampling anything in their path. Today, the descendants of this herd live in the thousands across the Garbog swamp.

Haag-Bre was repopulated after the Nalbirag Gold War. With the failings of private ownership, the leaders of Nemebhox decided to put it under state control.

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