Before the Varelay Upheaval (2608 LE - 16 HE) this area was a verdant jungle like any other part of the great jungle Kazzatar. In the Demon Spawn War a battle was fought here between the Krotoan army under Lukoon and a unit under Silvanus. This conflict between two archangel allies of Quara'tun Covenant came to be known as the Great Betrayal.

An surprise attack under a cloud of fog brought forth by dozens of magical fog horns (a trademark of Lukoon military tactics was the use of smoke, fog, and anything to cover the attack). This attack though was not being carried out by Lukoon, but Rilthang who had disguised herself as him and then ordered the army to attack a force of fey mercenaries she claimed were mass charmed by Graz'zt. In the thick of fog and noise of battle, it took some time for the two sides to convince each other that they were allies. We lost seven hundred soldiers, most dying from a hail of missile-fire and magic in the opening assault.

- from a military report to Silvanus - "Rilthang Duplicity"

Late in the Lith-Crillion Era, the Varelay Upheaval forever changed this area. Mining by Varelay's demons and their multitudes of slaves into the bowels of Hen'khas's eastern volcanoes caused the main lava artery to collapse. The pressure built up from blockage in Surturs Eyebrow resulted in both Verfaer and Zathess becoming violently active. The Caralda wasteland is the result of the Zathess volcano which has remained active since the Varelay Upheaval.

This area used to be claimed by the Goth-Dyvermoir. This changed in the Caralda Affair when Malshirk'iss backed separatist intentions of the area's firenewts. Today, these firenewts hold sway over the area, yet they do not worship Surtur like their former masters instead paying homage mainly to Kossuth.

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