Built16 Dreamer 410

Thegildreon is an ancient ruined stronghold in the Broken Lands. It was built by Melephaeusa, and served as a grandiose temple dedicated to Corellon. When the region was wracked by the Gulimbor Cataclysm, a large group of Corellon devotees remained behind to protect the place. It is thought that they were killed in the ensuing devastation that swept across the region, but a yuan-ti seer from Phlem claims something more sinister happened. His writings in the tome The Thegildreon Gateway claim that the Gulimbor Cataclysm opened up a rift to an abyssal world under the yoke of Demogorgon. On Bal-Kriav's side, this rift opened in the catacombs of Thegildreon. Secretly, succubi agents of this demon lord entered the complex and began subverting some of the priests. What ensued thereafter was murder and the damning of the place as all manner of atrocities were carried out by elves and demons. Thereafter, the entire area became a nightmarish and cursed place.

According to one story, in 1130, the Irastâ tribe entered what was now a ruin wracked with magical storms and overrun by beasts and monsters. Evidence found later, claims that an old journal was recovered from the ruin. It said that when the tribe entered the ruins, they found the inside in pristine condition, a welcome place for riding out a strange approaching storm. Further into the journal indicates that people began disappearing. Their tracks were in the direction of an ancient elven fortress. The search parties also never came out of the place. To this day, nothing else has been found to indicate what happened to the Irastâ. A few years after their disappearance, Ba'lith recorded attacks by sinister appearing elderaunts. These elderaunt-like abominations spoke Abyssal and called themselves maleraunts.

In 1505, another group of explorers came to this area. This time, it was Smizerak prospectors from Felak. It is now generally agreed that the entire empire Smizerak fell to the same curse that befell the Irastâ. By the Year 1521, the entire population of Felak had become fiendish dwarves.