First Kizan War

Period980 - 1005
TheaterHigh Wood Country

This war was waged with the goal of severing the communication and trade link between Fargimdal and Rumaktharga. Much of the conflict happened in the Iruk valley. The Rúmil, aided by Angrod mercenaries were successful in cutting the link between their dwarven enemies, but what they were late in finding out was that the dwarves had cut passages far below the surface. It took fifteen years to extend the Brother Tunnels. Once it was finished, it created a link between Rumaktharga and Dabul-Gind, and upwards to the heart of the Fargimdal kingdom.

When steam was discovered, the Brother Tunnels became the groundwork for a line of the Kibar-Kûn rail network. This resulted in a protected and fast trade and communication route between the dwarves in Taurelin and those in the Clans sector Narbuzad.

- Nulâg-Mand, from the book Building Kibar-Kûn - "Kizan Line"

The dwarves came out victors in this conflict with them fighting a defensive war which proved to be too costly for Rúmil. The elves pulled out of the valley. Angrod, another elven belligerent of the conflict, claims that the war was not lost, because the Iruk Tendril was not stopped and that it is only a matter of a few centuries before it links up with the Tulandur Tendril, thereby encircling Kizan, and leaving it isolated and vulnerable.

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