Apoxlins Sentence

LocationHall of Edicts
Period1485 - 1683

Apoxlin is a powerful female angel serving under Phalgas. In 1485, a hell knight named Raxcvillibus Dumu'loc was sent on an important mission for the god Thasmudyan. This mission was actually a trap set by aforementioned god and the mortal Dax Jagg. Instead of Rax being defeated and slain, his assassins turned out to be working for the forces of good. Apoxlin and her team captured Rax, then hauled him back to Lunia.

He was taken to the Hall of Edicts where he stood trial for soul destruction. He was charged with other lesser things like being a leader of the Black Tide. These lesser charges did not stand up in court for they were affairs of the Mortal Systems and not universal crimes like destroying souls.

Raxcvillibus's sentencing was presided over by Danzar-Khâl and Athena. They were there to monitor Apoxlin to make sure she was impartial in the affair, and following the letter of the law.

Rax lost the trial. It was easily proven that his weapon Grarg was a Cairn Scythe, a forbidden class of weapons, and under questioning, the sentient weapon proudly admitted to devouring what it called "enemy souls". Apoxlin's sentence was read out to the charged. It took the form of a powerful curse stating that the defendant must serve nine years in the Hells and then he would return back to Bal-Kriav to serve out the next nine years, then repeating until the sentence finished. The sentence started in 1485, and ended 198 years later in 1683.

The prosecution thought Rax would die in his first rotation to the worlds of the Hells system, but he survived, and continued to survive. He actually came out mightier than when he stood in Nawenglorûs's highest court of law.

As part of his sentence, Raxcvillibus would go to the worlds of the Hells system eleven times. Of that time, he served nearly 30 years under Hells diabolical overlord Asmodeus. The most difficult part for Raxcvillibus during this time was that he would only remain in the Hells for nine years and then be yanked back to Bal-Kriav where he would live for nine years before repeating. As a result, he had no permanency for what he had done or accomplished; he would return to find all that he had built was gone or taken over by someone else. As a result, he became mercenary in his ways, offering his martial and leadership skills to those across Midrêth and when away in the Hells, to fiends.

Another aspect of Apoxlins Sentence, a holy curse that he was bound to oblige by, was that each time he went to the Hells it was to be random on which world he arrived. Sometimes, it took a couple years to reach his master from where he was teleported in. Not even the awesome might of Asmodeus could help him. This was because Rax's divine curse made him invisible to things like crystal balls. The hardships were many, often having to blaze a path through enemy territory, or hiding for weeks on end as they camped nearby. Even in the hells, he was a dangerous appearing foe; a hell knight, donned in ancient ornate armor and bearing legendary weapons, was a sight to think twice before making any sudden movements.

Another part, was while Rax was doing time in the Hells, his sword Grarg was forced to remain behind. The rule of Apoxlins Sentence prevented the sword from joining Rax in the Hells.