Crimson Cloak of Burterinii
RegionGulimbor, Ma'Ohari
Thrakopolis1001 - present
Ing-Serold354 - 999
DeitiesHades, Phalgas, Poseidon, Silvanus
EnemiesGoth-Dyvermoir, Malshirk'iss, Smizerak
Established14 Saunas 354

In 354, the Burterinii family founded the Kingdom of Burterinii. Ing-Serold became this kingdom's first capital.

In 601, Queen Bleeberghast headed the Kingdom. She had two sisters, which themselves ruled a Tragaran kingdom. These three queens of the Burterinii family, were the power and the brains behind their thrones. Queen Bleeberghast was forced to take her nation to war when she tried to stabilize the on-going conflict between the Niratar Theocracy and the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty. In what became known as the War of the Three Queens, the forces of the Burterinii were dragged into the conflict in an attempt to keep either side from destroying the other. Queen Bleeberghast is revered to this day for the public works and charitable institutions she created, even though her reign was a period of lax laws and high corruption.

In the Conclave War, many of the royal blood of the Burterinii family were hunted down and killed by soldiers of the First Khazarkar Empire. The quickness of the Khazarkar victories led to a forced migration of the Burterinii people across the channel to Hargul. When the Conclave War ended, nearly all of the surviving Burterinii population had fled to this island, while others moved northward by ship to northern Ma'Ohari. Over the next three years, the refugees on Hargul were ferried to the northern islands of Gulimbor and then to new settlements being built in Ma'Ohari. With the death of its former rulers, the government fell into the hands of the military. Admiral Thrak became the de-facto leader of the Burterinii until a return to civil government in early 1018. The royal family of Luru-Zir established a new government at Thrakopolis.

Burterinii are noted by their silky gold or red hair, hawkish noses, and piercing voices. The voice of the Burterinii is strong and brings many to attention upon its sound. Some governments seek out Burterinii Tragarans for their diplomatic corps. They are employed as speakers for important occasions, or in diplomatic matters.

The Burterinii are a tough people, having a history of being under threat by hostile empires and threatened at sea by undead raiders from the Black Tide of Thasmudyan and pirates of the Buccaneer Archipelago. For nearly 300 hundred years, Burterinii and the Kingdom of Bloodtusk were engaged in minor conflicts along the coasts of Ma'Ohari. Most of the conflicts occurred at sea, as the jungles in the interior of the land are far too dense and dangerous for overland travel.

In the 1795, Burterinii's military and tens of thousands of pirates of the Buccaneer Archipelago entered into an alliance against the Kingdom of Bloodtusk. The Burterinii-Bloodtusk War (1795 - 1800) saw great sea battles and sieges of three great ports. It ended at Tâchumâz, brining down the reign of the wight admiral-king Jairall and his evil kingdom.

The Burterinii have also fought wars with the abomination hordes of the Malshirk'iss and the fire-dwellers of Goth-Dyvermoir. They aided the stone giants of Mughakh-Gol in the Four Pillars Conflict. In 926, the stone giants were offered citizenship in the Burterinii empire. As a result of this union of vastly different sized peoples, the cities and fortifications of the Burterinii have awe-inspiring structures of immense size and strength.

All the kingdom's cities are deep-water ports along the coasts of Ma'Ohari. Burterinii owns the former holdings, less Ren-Jorusk, of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk.