Apex Maze

lost in the Apex Maze
Built1254 - ongoing

Beneath the Eastern Shar is a seemingly endless labyrinth. Its most notable occupants are the minotaurs. These savage minotaurs are unlike their civilized cousins of the Ba'lith. Many are mutated from exposure to deep rocks or have bred with demons that also dwell in the vast maze. The fiendish minotaurs are some of the maze's more dangerous creatures.

One creature that escaped from this place reported that he walked one tunnel for four days; "uniform passages, 8' tall and 8' wide...seemingly endless". His map and most of his records of escape were lost in the Earthquake of Ogremoch.

This vast maze was started by earth elementals and a several hundred minotaurs under the command of the archmage Nevicanad. It is said the idea, and the madness of it, came from the two decades he spent wandering the great maze under Lyktion.

The Apex Maze is the largest maze on Bal-Kriav. It is estimated that the maze covers twenty square miles and is still being expanded by rogue elementals, golems, and intelligent constructs, all continuing their last orders from Nevicanad. Some believe the vastness of it all, the Builder Curse, was influenced by Nevicanad briefly looking upon Thyrms Blueprints. Although not part of the original design, the Apex Maze does have exit points in places not expected. These are the result of earthquakes or creatures from Ufthag that have cut into the maze.