Sink of Chaos

Sink of Chaos
RegionIce Cap
Opened25 Saunas 1296

On 25 Saunas 1296, the skies above Aettein turned a multitude of colors, the landscape seemed to waver and shift, waterways flowed backwards, the touch Chaos was making its mark. Most of the denizens of an area then called Hleittil were forever changed. They became infused with chaos. This day of cataclysmic changes to the landscape and its people were caused by the machinations of a Primordial supporting organization called Entropy. A conclave of mortal sorcerers, timed their ritual with the passing of an entropic storm called the Chaos Malestrom. The massive amount of entropic energy in the area greatly boosted the power of the ritual, resulting in the formation of an inter-system rift. The Chaos Malestrom came through this rift, then hovered like lazy clouds above the wracked landscape. It would have a lasting effect on the entire area, with many giving up the old name Hleittil and simply calling it Flux.

The Sink of Chaos does not look like a typical rift. It is a slow moving river that begins at the lowest depths of Zyk. It flows to the surface and then northward through a vast cavernous channel in the backing mountain. A mile into this cavern, the river leaves the world Bal-Kriav and enters a world of Limbo. It flows between 50 and 200 miles through slaadi and githzerai controlled lands. The travel distance is not exact because of the ever-changing nature of Limbo. After going the length, the river brings travelers back to Nautrek. The location of entry to Bal-Kriav is random and can be anywhere on the cold sea. In some rare cases, vessels have re-appeared underwater.

The Sink of Chaos has a powerful magical ward on it that limits its use to only those native to world Bal-Kriav.