Lorkiee Kal-Oni

RegionHells Womb
Syndic of Defense1554 - present
Empress of Kal-Oni1113 - 1266
Alignmentlawful neutral
Born5 Bloom 1083
Died3 Bloom 1266
Undead7 Witchrite 1554

Born in Zayr under the reign of the Kal-Oni, Lorkiee is a distant descendant of the Archdevil Dispater. She was power hungry like her twin brother Pilius; as all who come from the seed of Dispater.

On 14 War March 1133, Emperor Pilius was killed by his sister Lorkiee. Many citizens of Kal-Oni saw it as murder, though few knew the nations deep system of laws that spanned national, tribal, and family. The law that mattered here was a family one. It said that family quarrels must be settled internally, and if ever siblings were in position to take on high leadership, and both are of the same age, then any action is condoned between them. The newspaper printed the law for the masses, leading to their acceptance of Empress Lorkiee as the leader of the Kal-Oni Empire.

"Both are of the same age, then any action is condoned between them", part of the Ka-Oni National Code, has long been studied. The general conclusion is that it was introduced early in the First Epoch around the time of the Purging of the Hags. With ancient scrolls in tatters, much of the history lost, enough is there to point to diabolical machinations. Shamans of House Kal-Oni, then home to Lanirûk, were pointed to as those willing to go to extreme lengths to prove their worthiness to family and earn the respect of Lanirûk's older houses. One scroll says they consorted with a covet of hags deep inside the tangles of Messu-Nora. There, Kal-Oni shamans promised to find a way to enter this law into the books, and in return the hags would teach them the Way of the Mind. The diabolic part of the deal was that the shaman had to copulate with a hag. It said that that the hag was not true to form, but instead Dispater in disguise. Lorkiee like Pilius, both Gradorians, are descended from the shaman that spent a night with Dispater.

In 1140, Lorkiee took on a more favorable view to cult activities, necromancy, and dark rites. One of the quickest to rise to power under this leniency were cults seeking to spread the influence of Dispater.

On 3 Bloom 1266, Lorkiee was killed in the last great battle of the Kal-Oni War. Her deaths ends House Kal-Oni's 250 year reign.

In 1547, Lorkiee Kal-Oni, last ruler of the Kal-Oni Empire, was called back from the spirit realm. Priests of Hades, working on behalf of Paradomea's Council of Nine, brought her back from the Hall of Hades, a place she lay in rest for the last 300 years. In addition to once being the Empress of the now gone Kal-Oni Empire, Lorkiee was also a brilliant naval commander. Even in her role as Empress she frequently went out on patrols with her sailors. The Council of Nine had her returned to life, even at the risk of her possibly trying to seize control, in the hopes she could help turn the tide in Pardaomea's war with the Black Tide. At the time Paradomea had suffered a number of embarrassing naval defeats at the hands of Admiral Bloodtusk's ships of the dead. Lorkiee agreed to return if she was given a seat on the Council of Nine. This was not normally done, with the laws of the Council of Nine limiting members to merchant houses. Trying times, pride wounded, an exception was made. Lorkiee did indeed prove brilliant, driving off Bloodtusk's attacks. Bloodtusk was not so much driven off, but directed to Vorshym where his ships could wait for the Black Tide's retreating armies. The Council of Nine liked her thinking, limit risk, let the others do most of the work fighting the Black Tide.

In 1554, at the end of the Artery War (1546 - 1554), Lorkiee became a Syndic of the Council of Nine. As part of her new role, she reluctantly gave up her life energy, becoming a lich on 7 Witchrite 1554.

Lorkiee continues to serve in her role as the Council of Nine's Syndic of Defence; in charge of Paradomea's military. Over the past three centuries she has rebuilt House Kal-Oni, and never has shown signs of wanting supreme power over Paradomea.