PortDistance toPort
Lúthil400 milesMilzanâth
Milzanâth330 milesLambaril
Lambaril340 milesKorbortun
Korbortun180 miles Ahunil
Ahunil110 miles Alluvium Deep
Alluvium Deep 30 miles HBR
HBR310 milesParadomea City
North to South Ports of Call
RegionIce Cap, Cinazan, Miradelgûn, Grashakh, Hells Womb
MapDargirth River

Dargirth is the longest river of Brucrumus. It starts at the ruins of Luthil where the Edhelorn, Thulfin, and the Orek merge as one. It then flows south through many regions ending in a delta that flows in and around Paradomea City and then into the Sea of Mourning. By way of this river, one could travel from Ice Cap, through central Cinazan and western Miradelgûn, then along the Sands of Hell and through Grashakh and Hells Womb and finally into the Sea of Mourning.

The Dargirth is a deep river, dredged out in the Demon Spawn War by a powerful demon leader and his legion of water elementals. In this great war between the demons and the Quara'tun Covenant, the rogue demon Titarhaz sought to make a name for himself among the demon hordes invading Bal-Kriav. He tried to impress them with his long-range strategic vision of cutting the continent Brucrumus in two. His goal was to expand and lengthen the river from the shores of the Sea of Mourning to the chilling waters of Nautrek. He figured that by doing this, the demons could better hold the eastern half of the continent. Demon leaders like Orcus and Demogorgon had no interest in such-long range planning for the enemy was falling back and they would be far ahead of the Dargirth before he ever finished his work. Titarhaz and his legion of water elementals continued to expand the river up until the end of the war. No real threat to the Covenant's operations, he was not put down till the end of the war.

Dargirth is navigable from the headwaters at Luthil all the way to where it passes through Paradomea City and into the Sea of Mourning. This is because of the work of Titarhaz. The river has a number of channels cut in it that are in places several hundred feet or more in depth and work is still being done beneath the river's deep water. A hundred or so water elementals are left from the time when they helped dig and clean the channel. These creatures continue to do what they have been doing since the God Era, keeping the depth of the channel clear of heavy sediment.

This river reaches a width of five miles at the plains of Mortoth. In Lirgaza, the river's strong current and width makes it a formidable barrier to invasion. It served as a natural defense for the Kal-Oni and now for Paradomea. This latter empire patrols the length of it in Hells Womb and is so strong that any seeking to move a large military force across it would need a navy to match that of Paradomea City.

The spring melt of Ice Cap is known as the Ice Cap Melt. It leads to the flooding of the Dargirth and inundating the land for miles around it.