Rozal Bile

RegionHells Womb
Class15th fighter / 10th cavalier
RaceDiiv Kiir (Tragaran)
TitleKing Bile
Alignmentlawful neutral
Born14 Temporal 1252

Rozal Bile comes from a family of dragon-descended Tragarans. His bloodline goes all the way back to the fifteen founding families that came together following the death of their progenitor. These founding families were made-up of the first generation sons and daughters of the black dragon Vahriz.

Rozal like others of the Bile family have very dark skin, an ebon sheen that glistens when dry. Their coloring is very similar to that of Vahriz.

In 1279, a 27 year old general, renown for his skills in battle, forged an alliance of four knightly orders, what would become the Orders of War.

In 1282, after three years of sieges and battles, Bile's forces were victorious. The lesser orders and holds west of the Foronir River pledged their allegiance to their new sovereign, King Bile, Son of Vahriz of the 1st Lineage, founder of the Council of Bile.