Rônal Avalninâth

Setarch Rônal
Class25th druid / 15th ranger
RaceMinâth (Mummy Lord)
Alignmentlawful evil
Born1 Temporal 1190
Undead16 Bliss 1271
Died21 Artifice 1287

The Avalninâth's are a rich and powerful Khazarkar family. Rônal Avalninâth was born to them on 1 Temporal 1190. Seventeen years later, he became the leader of the Khazarkar Empire.

When the Khazarkar Empire came to dominate Cinazan, they renamed the river Avalninâth in his honor. At the time, he was the highest inquisitor in charge of pacification efforts across Melvad. His success in this effort helped him win support for becoming empire's leader.

He led the empire from 1207 to 1287. Avalninâth, like the other Khazarkar rulers of the Second Epoch and after, was an Setarch. This made him the supreme religious authority and head of the Khazarkar Empire and the Pharzîmrâth. Avalninâth was different than previous rulers in that he was a druid/ranger. Typically, the Setarch leaders have come from the ranks of priests, warriors or conclaves of mages. A druid was very unusual.

Avalninâth specialized in magic dealing with destruction to objects and structures. In his later years, he was said to wield spells that could topple towers and breach walls.

On 21 Artifice 1287, Rônal was retired by Irân Akhôrrâma. Honored in death like all Setarchs, Rônal was entombed a Pyramid of the Setarchs.

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