RegionLands of Purity
Racestorm giant
TitleChampion of Targad
Alignmentneutral good
Born29 Witchrite 1098
Died13 Brightstar 1486

Dranfulmus was born at the storm giant stronghold of Svirrurm. He took an active interest in the affairs of the non-evil peoples of the Lands of Purity. After learning of the depredations of the Kingdom of Naggor, he went to Iraktharbhun and begin organizing an army of Tungesti. In the Year 1126, Dranfulmus led his army against Iglutt. In heroic fashion, Dranfulmus squared-off against Naggor and eventually slew him. The Tungesti took control of Iglutt. Some Tungesti revered Dranfulmus, seeing him as a champion sent to them by Ares. Dranfulmus did his best to discourage this belief. Many Tungesti wanted him to become their king, but he refused, instead settling on the title Champion of Targad.

When the Black Tide of Thasmudyan attacked the Lands of Purity, Dranfulmus went to the Elberial Forest, battling Katrana's undead armies. Dranfulmus and the silver dragon TindarĂ¢pha died in 1486 defending Viressur.