Anglor Hellion

Anglor Hellion
RegionHigh Wood Country
Built20 Temporal 1310

This pearl colored walled and aquamarine domed bastion sits half-submerged in the waters of lake Lethiel. It was built in the Second Kizan War as a counter to the increasing threat posed by Gebs Chosen. Anglor Hellion has watery passages and underwater gates for its aquatic inhabitants. There is no access to the place by land. When boats arrive, travelers and supplies are raised to the entry-ways on steam powered elevators. For the help of Anglor Hellion's first lord in the Second Kizan War, these steam engines were gifted to them from the people of Rumaktharga,

Anglor Hellion is the regional church for followers of Lokestant. She was the first lord of Anglor Hellion. Construction on her first church began on 22 Bliss 1335, the day she became a Higher Power. This church, Lokestants Bath, at the heart of Anglor Hellion has a waterfall as its main altar.

Some of Anglor Hellion's most powerful guardians are water elementals and water weirds. Some of these creatures are leftovers from the re-routing of the river Guirfeint. As it was too much trouble to round them up and send them back to Chaos, they were left in the lake. During times of trouble, be it hostiles or natural like forest fires, they are either hired or convinced by Anglor Hellion's priests to give aid.

Notable Areas
  • Lokestants Bath