Razzir Tîr

Razzir ... when of the living
Class25th wizard
RaceTragaran (Lich)
TitleRuler of Bana-Zîr
Alignmentneutral evil
BirthplaceParadomea City
Born11 Lunar 1231

Razzir Tîr lives on the Acheron world Tintibulus. He resides in the demon-built hold Bana-Zîr. He was once a Syndic of the Council of Nine.

Razzir disagreed with the trade laws of the Council of Nine. It was not long before his goals were learned by the other eight liches of the council. The Council learned that Razzir had designs of liquidating the other Councilors and establishing a monopoly on the trade market.

Spies of Razzir notified him of the Council's directive, which ordered his arrest and trial for treason. Knowing that his fate was sealed, Razzir fled Paradomea City and sailed through the Tintibulus Chute aboard the death ship Godheads Revenge.

After residing on Acheron for many decades, Razzir forgot his old intrigues in Paradomea and set-about gaining power in the bleak expanse surrounding Bana-Zîr. He frequently deals with the residents of his new homeland, and likewise involves himself with the eternal Blood War.

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