Tungesti Species 49

Typehuman sub-race
AliasSpecies 49
Creation29 Artifice 1088 DE
NativeBal-Kriav, Kriav

The Tungesti are a human race. They were created in the Dawn Era by the Creationist god Bal-Kriav. They were made to seed the world Kriav, created in 769 DE, joining other mortals of this young world of only three centuries. Tungesti were created in the likeness of Bal-Kriav. His intent was not one of vanity, for their primary purpose would be to build up Kriav and serve as a force to combat the growing primordial threat; which would four centuries later become known as the Creation War.

Most of the Tungesti were changed to a more barbaric tempered people when Kriav's Cube of Arcane collapsed. After the Cube Collapse, feywild fuses started forming and some Tungesti left Kriav and crossed over to the world Bal-Kriav. One of the most well-known feywild fuses they used is the Ruld Geidlund. From this great red oak deep in Gathargûl, they came live on Bal-Kriav.

As mentioned, most Tungesti were lucky to be changed in just temperament and infused with a Cube Taint. One tribe was not so lucky, these nomads were caught on horseback at the time of the Cube Collapse. The wave of energy that flooded Kriav and all about it, caused both rider and horse to become fused as one. This resulted in the creation of the realm's first centaurs; a name taken from the tribe's name Centaurons.

The largest populations of Tungesti are spread across the continents Brucrumus and Gorejun. In the Lands of Purity, tribes are concentrated in the southeast in the Urkthals and in the highlands north of Vraga Moltus. Their actual numbers are unknown, but probably number close to 20,000 in Gathargûl alone. They are similarly dispersed in other regions, tending to dwell in rugged highlands.

Tungesti are a tall and heavily built race, with brown, black, or red hair. Men and women of the race typically fashion their hair in topknots and long ponytails. Unlike many other races, they have not given up their barbarian ways for civilization.

Late in the God Era, Ares returned to Bal-Kriav as a Higher Power. The core of his worship began with the godless heathens of Gathargûl and Narakthal. With the Tungesti, it became entrenched.

In the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), Tragarans came to Brucrumus in great numbers. They were ripe to take in new faiths, with many blaming their gods for not helping stave off the Khazarkars and the devastation of the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203). Tungesti zealots of Gathargûl and Narakthal spread the word of Ares among these masses.

Tungesti are highly magic resistant, with many disdaining its use or persecuting those who use it. Some of those more ingrained in their long history and dislike or outright hatred of magic will often times refer to arcanists as one infected with Cube Blight. This is of course a reference to the Cube Collapse and those that absorbed to much magic and rampaged wildly afterwards.

The magical defense inherent in all Tungesti is either a boon from the gods or perhaps even an effect of the Cube Collapse.

- Ivelin, Archivist of the Spheres of Enlightenment, from his book - "Arcane Cubes"

One of the oldest and largest settlements of the Tungesti is the ruins of Cimbophân. One of the longest lived empires of the Tungesti was Targad.

The Tungesti of the southeastern part of the Lands of Purity have become a bit more civilized with the encroachment of the Council of Bile and influence from Guthnimor. The dwarves of this city-state warred with the barbarians for thousands of years. Nearing the First Epoch, they switched their tactics in the conflict from the sword to the quill. They spread culture and education into the barbarian hordes which had the desired affect, it reduced the belligerence and incessant raiding of their northern neighbors.

Racial Traits
Cube Taint magical defense inherent in all Tungesti affording a base SR15 and +1 per level, with a chance of personal magical failure equal to half the total SR. This means that to use any magic item, spell, including receiving beneficial effects requires passing a check equal to half the total SR
Racial as human