Eye of Gith The Third Eye

TypeThe Eyes
AliasThe Third Eye
OwnerHar'kish Empire
BuiltDawn Era

The Eye of Gith is an enormous five mile diameter earth mote. In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), The Eyes, seven of them, were used as floating fortresses, riding the Astral Sea in support of the Covenant war effort.

The Third Eye, or what is better known today as the Eye of Gith to many Githyanki, was used by the Covenant general Phalgas. Its primary weapon, was a tube of glass that went from one side of the five mile diameter rock all the way through to the other side. This was designed to function like a magnifying glass of gargantuan proportions. Phalgas's soldiers used this tube to concentrate the rays of Merioss and Khâls Forge down upon their primordial enemies. After the Eye's reflective mirrors lost their potency, the Third Eye was re-classed for troop and transport duty.

Near the end of the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), the Eye of Gith was abandoned to the Astral Sea. In 899, an astral skiff of Har'kish found the lost battle station.

In 919, Har'kish lab coats figured out how to power up the Eye of Gith and safely navigate the Astral Sea. Another decade followed before they figured out how to open a spatial rift. An army was stationed at Rib'git and in forts and camps. They then went on raids, extorting some with the mere presence of the Eye of Gith floating above their dwellings; against others they made war. The Eye of Gith turned what was then a petty empire, into a very dangerous one.

The Eye of Gith has many structures on its surface and many more beneath. One of these is a building-size device that can open a spatial rift, allowing the Eye of Gith to leave the Astral Sea for one of Nawirrûs's systems. At the core of the rock is the navigation and engine room. The engine, said to be a sentient being, moves the Eye of Gith through the Astral Sea. This movement is many time over the speed of someone mentally moving themselves through the Astral Sea. Another important feature is a god-forged artillery piece, the Har'kish named the Hand of Gith.

Once a rocky and desolate place, the Har'kish have went to great effort, terraforming it with magic, and procuring unusual fauna and lifeforms across dozens of worlds. This "greening" made the Eye of Gith a place that could sustain many thousands, yet not enough for today's population. With 50,000 souls aboard, half of their food and water requirements come from the empire's land holdings scattered across a half-dozen worlds.

The Eye of Gith has two primary civilization centers, one is the citadel Rib'git protecting the installation's super weapon. The second citadel is on the opposite side of the rock, five miles away. It is named Tritium-Psyche. This installation serves as the empire's science and research city, a place where great schools of psionic study outnumber those dedicated to the mage's craft.

Diameter5 miles
PowerIcarus Core
Movement20 MPH on worlds, SR: 3 in space, hyper-astral movement
Gravity Well2000 yards
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