Eye of Gith The Eye


The Eye of Gith, or The Eye, is an enormous rocky earthmote some five miles in diameter. In the Dawn Era, it was used as a holy floating fortress by Phalgas and his army. At its center, it housed a tube of glass that went from one side of a five mile diameter orb all the way through to the other side. This was designed to function like a magnifying glass of gargantuan proportions. Phalgas's soldiers used this tube to concentrate the rays of Merioss and Juniger down upon their enemies. In the Dawn War it saw much action against the primordials and their chaos archons. Over time, the reflective mirrors lost their potency and The Eye became more of a troop carrier than a weapon. For an as yet unknown reason, in the Demon Spawn War it was abandoned to the Astral Sea where it remained lost until the First Epoch. It was then known simply as The Eye.

In 899, a Har-Kiishin patrol discovered this battle station in the Astral Sea. It took several years before they were able to pierce the defenses of the place and figure a way through all the puzzle doors and chambers. The place had ancient guardians and unimaginably powerful traps which took the lives of thousands and maimed thousands more. Most of those used to spring traps or test hazard areas were githzerai or illithid prisoners. Once in the core of the floating rock, it took several more years before they were able to learn how to power it up. The githyanki named this ancient god bastion after their leader, naming it the Eye of Gith.

After the Har-Kiishin Civil War, the Eye of Gith became the capital of the Har-Kiishin. In this place, the githyanki plot schemes to rebuild their once great empire.

Through powerful magical lost to the ages, the Eye of Gith is able to phase through the Web of Magic surrounding Bal-Kriav. This capability allows it to move about freely above the surface of the world and when needed to retreat to the Astral Sea. The githyanki do this by creating a spatial rift.

The Eye of Gith is five miles in diameter. It is a rocky and desolate place. When the githyanki discovered the Eye of Gith, it had several large fortress ruins on the surface. These ruins were built during the time of gods and primordials, but had since been stripped of everything valuable.

Today, there are two main complexes on the surface of the Eye. On a place called the Ithar plateau is the citadel Rib'git. Eighty percent of the githyanki garrison dwells in this majestic fortress. The second fortress is on the far side of the Eye. This bastion is called Tritium-Psyche. It holds a colossal port for astral skiffs and voidships.

The Eye of Gith is best known for the city-busting weapon located near Rib'git. Atop a rocky plateau is their most prized weapon - the Hand of Gith.

Diameter5 miles
LocomotionCore Tanks
Movement1500 yards per round on worlds, SR: 3 in Realm Space
Gravity Well2000 yards
Eye of Gith Garrison

There are 22 regiments or two World Assault Core Armies stationed on the Eye of Gith. This amounts to about 9,000 soldiers. This excludes all creatures that are either allied with the githyanki or programmed to follow the githyanki as a result of psychic surgery (c.f. Drones of Gith).

There is also one Brotherhood of Gith battalion comprising 150 knights, 30 mages, 60 Gish, and 160 elite warriors. The majority of this army is garrisoned at Rib'git.

A githyanki regiment holds two divisions and is ruled by a Wyrmen-Drul. Each division is comprised of four battalions. A Typel-Gish oversees each division. One Cacken-Drul oversees each battalion. Each battalion holds four platoons. A Ratranum is in charge of each platoon. Each platoon has four squads of five astral warriors. The squad leader is a Gish. The four remaining githyanki are Gortyrm. This accounts for 383 soldiers out of a total of 400 for the normal assault regiment. The remainder of the regiment is made up of 17 auxiliary soldiers - Yiggorin, Masckin, and a knight of the Order of the Shadow.

Notable Areas