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Resources are things as simple as iron ore all the way up to vessels of life energy. Resource prices reflect rarity, difficulty procuring, transportation, and many other factors, and they can vary considerably from region to region. This leads to arbitrage where carts or ships of resources are moved from one area to another to make up a difference in prices. In some areas of the realm there are markets that end up setting the price for all civilized regions of a continent. These places are often cities that sit at the heart of a trade zone. One such example is the fire giant city Alreirsoar which has the largest number of Metal Clearing Houses on Brucrumus.

An item listed as x3 means that the base item's value is multiplied by three to determine its non-magical market place value. For items that are magical, the calculations are bit more involved (c.f. Forge). Some things also have a market price modifier because they afford special protections like fire resistance or other qualities. Market price modifiers come into play during enchanting. They determine the overall plus value of the item.

Resource Prices

Item Type Market Price Short Entry Market Price Modifier
Abniosa'sty Armanments elemental energy forged 5x item
Abyssal Energy energy variable
Abyssrock chaos infused stone 10,000 gp / stone
Adamantine metal variable
Air Energy energy variable
Air Mote elemental mote variable
Alborizz toxin unavailable
Anûkh'grush Crystal crystal 10 gp / lb
Aphenarun Water liquid 1 sp / gallon
Arcane Energy energy variable
Arjale metal 2.5x item +1 damage for edged weapons
Azure Crystal crystal 50 gp / lb
Berusk metal 3x item armor wearer receives +2 bonus to Will saves
Black Lotus toxin 2,500 gp / dose
Black Silver metal 4x item +1 natural enhancement bonus
Blood Marble stone as marble
Blue Fungi fungi 50 gp / application heals 1-12hps per application
Blutium metal 5x item +4 natural enhancement bonus
Boletus Chain drug 10 sp / dose
Bonebrack bone 3x item
Carodrak Glass glass 1 gp / 10 lbs
Ceratimus ceramic 3x item
Cloudscraper wood
Cold-Wrought Iron metal 1.5x item
Crimson Nibarranâth crystal 1 gp / 5 lbs
Crystal Weaving process Varies
Dark Nature Energy energy variable
Decaying Fescue grass 5x item
Deep Rocks stone 0
Demiurgic Iron metal 20x item +3 natural enchantment bonus +3 bonus
Dûlan metal 3x item +1 natural enchantment bonus +1 bonus
Earth Energy energy variable
Earth Mote elemental mote variable
Echo Stone stone 5 gp / pound
Elem-Guard process+500 gp
Entropic Energy energy variable
Entropy Fragments chaos infused crystal variable
Faryon wood 3x standard
Feyweave process +2,000 gp
Fimbulwinter Gold currency three times value of gold
Fire Energy energy variable
Fire Mote elemental mote variable
Firebrand wood 2x item
Frystalline mineral +2,000 gp
Ghost Stalk fungi 1 cp / application light source
Glassteel glass +4,000 gp aesthetics
Gloomstar metal 3x item variable regeneration
Godforge process 20x item special forge
Gûn Helmet stone 1gp / 400lbs
Gunpowder chemical 5sp / charge
Green Bone bone 500gp ritual, corruption
Haelssysn Weave process variable armor protection, fire resistance +3 bonus
Hellfire Energy energy variable
Hellstones stone 10,000 gp / stone
High Alloy Blutium metal 10x item +5 natural enhancement bonus
Hive Husk husk as leather see carapace armor
Holy Energy energy variable
Hullback wood 2x item
Hydrogen Pods gas 750 gp / pod
Hyperion Blackwood wood 5x standard
Ironhue wood 1.75x item
Jurungen stone 100 gp / lb
Khizir Crystals crystal 50 - 1,000 gp / stone
Kindlite stone as marble
Koil plant 4x rope cost
Krephus Plate stone 4x item +2 natural enchantment armor bonus
Lapis Ice unnatural ice 5 - 10 sp / stone
Lethe Water water 1,500 gp / ounce
Life Energy energy variable
Lolths Candle fungi 1 cp / application light source
Luminant Coral coral 10 gp / lb
Magiandar crystal 1,500 gp / lb darkvision
Maniac Conduit drug 25 gp / ounce
Mechanus Links stone 1gp / 100lbs
Meloras Tear wine 17gp / bottle
Metallis Mold mold 1,000 gp / dose
Methane Pods gas 350 gp / pod
Mithril metal 3x item
Moltarion Crystal cystal 10 sp / potential crack
Mycorji Serum drug 500 gp / dose
Naanabrak stone 3,000 gp / cubic foot
Nandistike metal 2,500 gp / cubic foot
Nature Energy energy variable
Necrotic Energy energy variable
Negative Energy energy variable
Negative Entropy energy variable
Niliencechemicalvaries / by grade
Null Energy energy variable
Obsidian stone 1,000 gp / ton
Orkulten Pearl gemstone 100-1,000 gp / piece
Plackarmetal10x item
Poisons toxin varies
Positive Energy energy variable
Psychic Energy energy variable
Ptah Teardrop magical energy varies
Ragnorak drug1 sp / dose
Red Gold currency twice value of gold
Saltpeter mineral 10 gp / lb
Saranite stone 15,000 gp / cubic foot
Scratch Coral writing 2 gp / sheet
Searamount property +500 gp fire resistance 10 +1 bonus
Sea Rope plant 25 gp / 50'
Shadow Energy energy variable
Shambog plant 0
Shard of Tiwa'erra deep crystal 1,000 gp / lb
Silver Laconos anti-toxin 200 gp / dose
Sonic Energy energy unavailable
Soul-Fire liquid +1,200 gp
Soul Energy energy 1,000 gp / level
Styx Granite stone50 gp / cubic foot
Svatir textile +1,000 gp
Tantulhor metal 6x item +2 damage for edged weapons
Tashmar wood +500 gp
Tears of Achamâz stone 5 gp / 4' cube
The Keeper drug 5 gp / dose
Thargan perfume 20 gp / ounce +2 diplomacy
Thralion wine 15 gp / bottle
Tolm stone 3,000 gp / lb
Toth Musk perfume 5 gp
Toth Rock stone 10x regular stone
Traga plant 10 gp / ton
Unholy Energy energy variable
Xorn Cyst tissue 25 gp / lb
Vardamir Honey foodstuff 10x normal honey
Varelay Platinum chaos infused platinum 10 gp/ 1 vp
Vine of Núlananya plant 1 gp / lb
Vumort material 3x item +2 natural enhancement bonus
Warp Matter energy variable
Water Energy energy variable
Water Mote elemental mote variable
Wax of Enlightment drug 1 gp / 4" square
Whiteblood Crystal crystal 8 gp / lb
Widowmaker Silk textile +1,000 gp
Wither Bone bone +1,500 gp
Xaratine fungi 300 gp / dose
Zurghed Wall engineering 10x normal

Clearing House

In business terms, clearing houses are areas where contracts are settled and a lot of business is performed between international buyers. They have accounting and law branches and make use of oath genies, invisible stalkers, and other means to bind parties to important contracts. The use of these is up to the buyer and seller with them fully allowed to enter into contracts with only their word to hold them accountable.