OwnerKhazarkar Empire
Founded28 Saunas 1613 HE

Balmoloch was founded in the Horgon Era by refugees of the Mir'piamauza Empire. Predominately Piamauza, they were led by a very wealthy and influential merchant named Dragur Morerenne. In the upheaval following Mir'piamauza's fall, he took his family and friends far north, settling inland in Skegjold. Morerenne used all of his ships and purchased 10 more at exorbitant prices and in the end saved close to 5,000 people from a bloody civil war that would end up splintering Balmoloch people across a wide area on the surface and beneath. When Morerenne reached Pharminul, they went ashore and founded the settlement Balmoloch.

Morerenne and its entourage were like others of Mir'piamauza, in that they sought escape rather than participate in the bloodbath as rivals fought over the spoils of a shattered empire.

As would have it, this jockeying for power in Piamauza society is so in-grained in them that they could not escape it by moving away. Draguron would have a time of peace, but like its predecessor, succumb to those hungry for domination.

- Rôthil-Zirik, Khazarkar historian, excerpt from his book the History of Draguron

When the Draguron empire was established, Balmoloch became its capital. When its leader and founder Dragur Morerenne died, the capital was shifted to Dragur. When the Draguron empire fell, Balmoloch was the only place not taken by raiders and the undead. In time, the place had to be abandoned because of a land blockade that could not be broken. By 190, the city was completely abandoned. For a time, it served as the hold of a Piamauza lich but was then lost to frost giant raiders out of Netheram. It changed hands many times until 1120 when the Khazarkar Empire reoccupied the ruins. They rebuilt some of the old Draguron structures and added a lot of their own architecture to the city, giving Balmoloch an exotic appearance with a mix of pyramids and columns and Mir'piamauza architecture with high pitched roofs and sharp edges.

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