RegionGrashakh, Imgangreth
Ownervassal city-state (Orchish Empire)
Founded30 War March 585

The mountain citadel Matak is on the eastern side of the Tarthar badlands where it meets the Torengrarg mountains. It is built along an important road near the northern rim of the Mauhorn depression. It was built in the First Epoch by the Ghadbakhs. This hobgoblin tribe came to prominence in their conflicts with the Gimhak. In the Arduous March (1041 - 1096), the Githirmil under Blac'drugulois found the hobgoblins so entrenched in the area that they put them on the list of future prizes.

Initially, Matak grew from the wealth garnered by raiding and plundering the Gimhak. When iron and silver were found in Torengrarg upper reaches, and copper to east in the Zahal-Gûl hills, the wealth stream switched to trade with the growing holds of their Githirmil neighbors, now united as the Orchish Empire. Before it became a vassal city-state, it had a population of 40,000 hobgoblins, goblins, kobolds, and other humanoids native to the area. Growth was long limited for lack of good farmland. Even though the Orchish Empire was in possession of the rich grain belts of Knur Slagming, the High Command made sure that their rival did not grow too fast.

In 1284, seeking to secure their right flank, the Orchish Empire captured the city. Insurgent forces harried the conquerors for centuries after. Looking to bring peace, and more importantly needing help in the Gimhak War (1475 - 1503), Emperor Blac'drugulois caved, making the city a vassal city-state. He put the government in the hands of hobgoblin and the other natives of the area.

Hobgoblins make up nearly half of Matak's population. The highlands overlooking the city are home to numerous hobgoblin enclaves. Perodically, Matak and the Orchish Empire send punitive expeditions against the highlands, clearing out hostile elements and quelling any suspected military uprisings. Often this is done for recruitment, pressing the captured into the armies or sending them to the work the state's mines.

Matak extends underground, with part of the city in the Underdark region Imgangreth. Both upper Matak and lower Matak, effectively two separate cities, are vassal states of the Orchish Empire. Lower Matak is six miles from the Great Tradeway, making it a major trade stop for Underdark commerce.

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