Lands Of Purity Phiyel

AliasesPhiyel, The Grave
Climatetemperate, rainy
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West of Hells Womb and south of the Northern Hordelands are what has long been considered the holy lands. In the Dawn Era, the gods and angels called this land Phiyel, which in Supernal means "purity". The name Lands of Purity came about during the reign of the Farinteens.

In the Demon Spawn War, what was then still called Phiyel, was firmly in control of Covenant forces. Iglutt served as a Covenant Holy Bastion, and places like Guleddab trained unicorn calvary units.

Today, most of the region is controlled by nations of law and order. In the Black Tide War, the region fell under the domination of a dark empire and for four decades was called The Grave.

In 1506, under Black Tide threats of killing them and turning them into zombies, the Loremasters of Ermikel gave the Lands of Purity a new name. Cartographers changed the name on maps and after forty some years there were those born who knew it only as The Grave.

In 1544, ignoring threats by the surviving Black Tide leaders, Ermikel the Balance changes the region's name back to Lands of Purity. This change is brought on by the goodly forces gaining control over the lands during the Athena Crusdade

In the Athena Crusade and thereafter, the Lands of Purity once again took up the mantle of goodness, once again becoming the backbone for good across all of Brucrumus.

Beneath the Lands of Purity is the Underdark region called Onvorn.

Region Maps
Cities of Purity
City 17FoundedElevation
Iglutt8995 GE3600'
Hazarâph1508 LE0'
Guthnimor422 HE3000'
Nagapolis1900 HE100'
Vraga Moltus102530'
Port Bile150140'