sky docks of Paradomea City
RegionBuccaneer Archipelago, Drarthiel, Hells Womb, Troll Bogs
GovernmentCouncil of Nine
CapitalParadomea City
Alignmentgenerally non-good
DeitiesArcana, Ares, Asmodeus, Hades, Mammon
Established13 Witchrite 1282

In 1266, the Kal-Oni Empire collapsed. Unrest and fighting over the spoils followed. Two power centers developed, one in the east, and one in the west. In the east, private armies under nine great merchant houses joined together putting down unrest and bringing Kal-Oni former eastern holding under their control. After a period of in-fighting between the merchant lords, it was decided that they needed an organization to handle merchant affairs and oversee the people. On 14 War March 1268, the Merchant League was founded. The base of their power was a small sea town then called Paradomea. Backed by a government interested more in trade than conquest, this town grew quickly; eventually becoming Paradomea City.

In 1282, the Merchant League and the fiefdoms of the Council of Bile crafted the Lower Hells Womb Territory Act. This treaty established territorial boundaries and spheres of control for the signers. On 13 War March of the same year, the Paradomea Empire was founded with the Merchant League its leaders.

In 1290, the Merchant League was replaced by the Council of Nine. The Council of Nine still represents the nine leading merchant houses, acting as a syndicate where business is more important than most other matters. Another powerful body of merchants in Paradomea is the Paradomea Consortium. This group differs from the Council of Nine in that they do not actively participate in daily government affairs.

Paradomea controls a number of cities and holdings across many regions, on the surface and beneath. They are concentrated in Hells Womb, and on found across the islands of the Pearl Sea and the Sea of Mourning, and all commercially focused.

The empire's highest court is the Gilogoth Magistrate. It has strong laws and near-draconic punishments. This legal branch of the government is led by one of the Council of Nine leaders.

An elite garrison of githyanki, the Githlarâk, protects the interests of Paradomea and its insidious leaders, the Council of Nine. In addition to this army are host of magical creatures, Doom Squads and a trained army of mages, priests and warriors. Even though the city leaders are liches, they refrain from employing undead so as not to scare the populace, which would impact the economy.

Paradomea's greatest diplomatic achievement was acquiring Aggis. This distant coastal city greatly added to the security of their trade routes, opening up markets and spread the influence of Paradomea's mercantile masters.

Paradomea's closest ally is the drow city-state Dhaunril'yraen. They do a lot of trade with Paradomea's Undercity.

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