Giff Treatise Warsteps

AuthorTowerfoot, many others

The Giff Treatise is a a collection of trade manuals, history, and buying guide for skyships, voidships, gunpowder based cannons and mortars. In 921, the first edition was printed on the world of Marragh; its author a Giff engineer named Towerfoot. It has greatly expanded from the time when it was only theories and conjectures. Since that time, new editions and new authors have added to it, reflecting advances in products, metallurgy, chemistry and theory.

In the lands of the Giff League, when printed in the Giff language, these books are labeled the Warsteps.


  • 1176: the Balforn Sky Academy flies their first skyship
  • 1244: the Giff League establishes interplanetary trade with Ivory Asylum; a nation native to Bal-Kriav
  • 1256: the Giff League makes contact with the Deep Six of the world Ilabizdum. This leads to sharing of technology, know-how of skyships and void engines in exchange for Deep Six methods on processing gunpowder and metallurgy principles.
  • 1293: copies of the Giff Treatise are distributed to Giff League trading partners on the world Bal-Kriav. It becomes a buying guide for armaments produced by the Giff League and Deep Six