Katrana Dumu-loc

Katrana ... and friends
Class20th wizard / 10th pale master
RaceTragaran (Lich)
Empress of Ba'lith1812 - present
Second Dead1612 - 1711
First Dead1464 - 1612
Alignmentlawful evil
Thasmudyan1450 - 1812
Asmodeus1812 - present
Born17 Lunar 1431
Undead2 Bliss 1464

Katrana's given name is Kat-Trâra Hlothuru. She got her start as a member of the adventuring group Black Banner.

She forged a number of magical items (c.f. Deadspawn) for her party, with the most powerful made from souls given to her by a powerful sentient weapon named Sarquiness. She was sped down the path of evil with each soul she took from this weapon and used in her enchanting.

In 1464, she and the other members of this group raised an army of undead and mercenaries and embarked on a crusade to spread the faith of Thasmudyan. The armies of this crusade evolved into the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. She remained a close ally of Dax Jagg as adventurers and later as allies of the Black Tide. Even though Dax became a more powerful disciple of Thasmudyan, Katrana for better at spreading the gospel of Thasmudyan. She sought to spread the faith of Thasmudyan whereas Dax took the approach of making himself more powerful quicker and letting others do the proselytizing.

On 2 Bliss 1464, Katrana traveled to the dark shores of Gathrot, entered the Basilica of Thasmudyan and drank from the Cauldron of Lost Souls. She died and rose as a lich. For her services to Thasmudyan, and now being closer to him as an undead, he revealed the location of six magically hidden Night Vats. Katrana took a platoon of skeletons to the ruins of Mulun'nâth and cleared the jungle vegetation from the these ancient relics. The Night Vats, Molakh-Búle's inventions, were used heavily in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). They produced the more powerful undead for the Black Tide armies. A higher percentage of these were added to the ranks of Katrana's Mauhúrz-Dúrak.

In 1465, she became one of the founders of the first government of the Black Tide, a body called the First Dead Council.

During the Black Tide War and into the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), Katrana led the Mauhúrz-Dúrak army. The most powerful element of Katrana's undead army was the Pitch Bone Legion. The bones of this vanquished army were dug from the fields and hills where the Battle of Mynzuth was fought. They were then transported to Necrocrypt and placed in her Night Vats, raising one of the most dreaded undead legions in history.

In 1484, the Black Tide was advancing through the Lands of Purity. Katrana diverted her forces across Galathien and began the subjugation of the area of the Lands of Purity called the Sylvan Kingdoms. On 14 Witchrite 1485, her Black Tide army captured Voruner.

In 1503, she married the hell knight Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc. Therafter, she was referred to as a Dumu-Loc over her given family name Hlothuru. Later in the same year, back serving as one of the First Dead Councilors of the Black Tide, she defeated the storm titan Dranfulmus and the great silver dragon Tindarâpha at Viressur.

During the Black Tide War, Katrana ruled much of the lands south of Galathien. She was directly responsible for the desolation of the Sylvan Kingdoms. In this area, she captured Elamir and then renamed the place New Phanêthil; after the birthplace of the Cult of Worms in Phanêthil. Her most dastardly act was using the Elder Orb of Embers to transform the Maharâg dwarves into duergar.

In 1533, Katrana was driven from the Sylvan Kingdoms by the Golden Elite. She fled back to Gathrot and established a new base at the ancient city Phanêthil.

In 1556, she founded Ilfengrim; a mage guild dedicated to the creation of undead and the advancement of necromancy.

In 1711, the Last Saints of Gûn attacked her in the Black Tide capital Phanêthil. They slipped into The Ossicles using magic, starting an assassination plan five years in the making. They broke the many wards protecting the palace from teleportation and then opened a teleportation circle back to a holy citadel called the One Hammer of Light. Knights, priests, masters of slaying undead, and crack soldiers stormed into the area and took up defenses against the undead moving to protect their lich master. Her first thought was escape, but the area was locked down by psionicists preventing all modes of teleportation, phasing, etherealness, and astral travel. She had to battle the soldiers of One Hammer of Light and the Last Saints of Gûn. These saints were three holy figures she murdered after the capture of Maharâg, many years later they were resurrected and thereafter dedicated themselves to destroying undead and bringing down the Black Tide. Katrana was trapped and lacked the soldiers to hold out long enough before her undead hordes could make their way into the palace. She was killed by weapons dripping with a liquid called the Sweat of Danzar-Khâl. This holy water made it so that she was unable to find her phylactery for 99 years. During this time, her unholy essence drifted about trying to find her phylactery and brooding with rage. Though able to still able to communicate with her undead and other minions, her commands were often ignored when their wasn't someone around to enforce them.

In 1810, 99 years had passed since her physical body was slain. Katrana found her phylactery and then turned to building her original body. When this was completed, she turned on those that had failed to heed her commands. They were all terminated. One of those that had come to ignore her while she floated around like ghost was the Dead Councilor Dax Jagg. He wasn't under Katrana's command, but before she became a lost spirit, he had pay some attention to her. Four months after her physical body was destroyed, she was removed from the Second Dead Council. She suspects that Dax may have helped those that attacked her. Now with no power in the Black Tide, and probably slated for termination, she packed up and left Necrocrypt. She journeyed south to land of the minotaurs, and once again took her side by her husband, Emperor Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc.

Katrana is a four-hundred-year-old lich, yet quite comely for being an undead. Her skin is not desiccated or withered like most other liches. Her eyes, nails, hair, and steamy visage show that she is not of the living. Her eyes are white with black pupils. Her hair is black, but does not rest or move normally. It is like long filaments of blackened iron, deadly to foes when she ties them together like the head of morning star. Her skin is always colder than the area around her, giving rise to what looks like water vapor rising off her body. Even in the huge palace chamber of Ba'lith's capital, after an hour, her presence will lower the room's temperature by a few degrees.