TypeAbyssal Infused, Elderaunt
Creation26 Kindle 1130

In 1130, the Irastâ journeyed deep into Ma'Ohari, crossed Kimaris, and then tried to pass through the Broken Lands. Seeking safety from a magical storm, a vestige of the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), the elderaunts sought shelter in the ancient Melephaeusan ruin Thegildreon. In an ancient temple they ran afoul of dark energies.

In my travels, I have found ancient books and scrolls that say these creatures were of the Irastâ tribe. Tomes absconded from Ivory Ward say that the Irastâ encountered some bad mojo in the deeps of the Broken Lands. Based on what I'm seeing, this is the work of abyssal energy, warping those that stay too long in it. No doubt descended from your common Elderaunt, they are similar in build, and greatly opposed in their minds. The Elderaunts are vessels of negative entropy, while the malevolent version, are chaotic, vessels of entropic energy. Perhaps worse, is the unholiness of the demon's psyche in every one of them.

- Dax, from the 1461 Black Banner Journal - "The Maleraunts"

Maleraunts are a corrupted race of Elderaunts, created from exposure to the abyssal energies tainting Thegildreon. They are similar in build to Elderaunts, but the similarities end there. Abyssally infused, maleraunts are chaotic creatures with evil tendencies.

Daojin nods, taking Private Sagoth from their arms. He knows he has to tell the captain about this. All maleraunts go through a coming of age, which for them happens every ten years. They enter a period of bloodlust where they're like maddened berserkers, hard to pull out of a fight, even to the point of dying from exhaustion.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Maleraunts have deep grey to black skins and deep red or piercing purple eyes. Like elderaunts they are hairless and grow strong and deadly tusks. Maleraunt tusks differ from the typical shape of elephant tusks, in that they are twisted and discolored with yellow, gray, and light blue.

Maleraunt have no religious taboos liked the Elderaunt's Elephant Reverence. They decorate their tusks with ink and scrimshaw, chains, rings, and even permanent attachments of war.

Racial Traits
Hydrocur Chemistry +2 Athletics, +2 Endurance
Hydrocur Minion -1 Intelligence, -1 Wisdom
Elephant Blood +2 Strength
Entropic Toughness +2 Constitution, +1 saves vs chaos aligned spells
Goring Charge single charging gore attack for 3d6 (plus strength modifier) points of damage
Abyssal Taint always of chaotic evil alignment