O n k u r i   K a l - O n i

RegionHells Womb
TitleEmperor of Kal-Oni
Alignmentneutral evil
Died12 Temporal 1090

Onkuri Kal-Oni was a tyrant, brutal in his methods. His family hated him. Those that conspiring against him met a terrible end. He went through three wives. After the last perished by her husband's cruel hands, no wealthy or important family wanted to send a daughter to him. Seen as potential usurpers, his children also mysteriously died at early ages. House Kal-Oni was embarrassed by it all, yet could do little against one of Kal-Oni's most powerful emperors.

On 12 Temporal 1090, unnoticed, Emperor Onkuri was murdered by Caliguworm. This lich, the hand of Thasmudyan, then took his guise and position as leader of the Kal-Oni Empire. Caliguworm grafted the flesh of the former Emperor to his body, then masked his body, voice, and evil aura with the dark lore of the Last Chapter. Caliguworm, now Emperor Onkuri Kal-Oni, took control of the Kal-Oni Empire. It would be many decades before Caliguworm was unmasked.

Onkuri was as good a candidate as any for disappearing, and nobody seriously looking into the slight change of his manners and even drastic decision reversals, everyone considered him mad.

- from the Kal-Oni Ancestry

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