RegionElrohir Mithrandír
Built5 Temporal 1427

At the heart of Orthrump is the palace Skurnskalf. This colossal marble edifice has numerous buildings, connected with column-studded through ways. The most impressive structures of the palace are the massive dome buildings. The domes are hundreds of feet across, and equally as high. The largest dome is that of the throne room of the Cloudwalker Emperor. The dome is 400' high and a 1000' across. Ten massive statues of stone dragons, the necks of the statue serving as the supporting arches hold it aloft. During ceremonies, and arrivals of embassies, the emperor lets loose the Brothers of Zephyr. This pair of cloud dragons flies about the inner dome striking awe into visitors and the gathered masses.

The walls, ceilings, and pavements of this marvel are constructed of marble, every color and kind:

The fresh green from the Issk hills, and many-colored marble of Bullvar Ika, in which a rosy blush mingles with white or shines bright with flowers of deep red and silver. There is a wealth of porphyry too, powdered with brilliant stars, that once weighed down the boats of the Horass Lake. You may see an emerald green from the distant lands of Yul, and the glittering marble with the undulating veins which the tool has worked from the deep bosom of the Frear hills, showing slanting streaks of blood-red and livid white. From the clefts of the Ketha Mounds, marble of crocus color sparkling with gold; and that product of the Breen Crags, a wealth of crystals, like milk splashed over a surface of shining black. There is the precious onyx, looking as if gold were glowing through it, and the marble that the far realm of the Sylvan Kingdom parts a fresh green like the sea or emerald stone, or again like blue cornflowers in grass, with here and there a drift of fallen snow...

- Gothrid, Explorer Extraordinaire - "Marble Palace Rhapsody"