God Era

Period8778 GE - 9500 GE

The God Era spans the period 8778 GE - 9500 GE. It was a time of Ascension, with Higher Powers spreading their religion across the realms. It was also a time of great conflict with the Quara'tun Covenant battling the hordes of the Abyss in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE)

We don't know who or what created this Rule of Divine Governance, but it seemed to work that by gaining more worshipers, one gained more power over a realm. If one had overwhelming divine influence by way of a large worshiper base, then this Higher Power could strip another of their connection to a Sphere. Said power, disconnected from their worshipers, suffers a reduction in their divine power. Ares used his overwhelming influence to take over several worlds. When I and others learned of this, we had no choice but to create our own religion and attract worshipers.

- Arcana, from a rune stone inside Achamâz - "Divine Influence"

Year 8778 GE - Wardens of Bal-Kriav

The Wardens of Bal-Kriav are formed to clean up the primordial influence left over from the Creation War.

Earth archons, former soldiers of the Primordials, found the settlement Gnemdos.

Year 8779 GE - Earth Shrine

The Earth Shrine monument is dedicated to the Earthen that served under Storralk in the Abyssal Release.

Year 8780 GE - Monument of Šadullu

Silvanus and Danzar-Khâl build the Monument of Šadullu.

Year 8782 GE - Felakgathar Contract

Mordain and Surtur sign the Felakgathar Contract.

Year 8784 GE - Penumbra

Penumbra is founded by the illithids of Ráglauth.

The Kriavfahliil city-states of Lerwiril combine under the Gwildath Monarchy.

Year 8785 GE - Central Stability

The Rilmani establish the Central Stability.

Year 8786 GE - Jofgried

The settlement Jofgried is founded by former stone giant soldiers of Geb.

Year 8788 GE - Mephilek

The settlement Mephilek is founded by a lumber company out of Kraarion.

Year 8789 GE - Kolmgar

The settlement Kolmgar is founded by former earth giant soldiers of Hettar.

Year 8790 GE - Meshond

Danzar-Khâl and a crack army of Turkûn build Meshond.

Polyxo is born to the archangels Arcana and Atlas.

Year 8791 GE - Forgeheim

Forgeheim is constructed by Covenant soldiers serving under General Nûl.

Year 8793 GE - The Goblins

Tita'gob creates the Goblin race.

Year 8798 GE - Aemar

The settlement Aemar is founded by stone giants that once served under Hettar.

Year 8800 GE - Harmony

Rilmani of the Central Stability capture a floating citadel, renaming it Harmony.

Year 8815 GE - Birth of Maglubiyet

Maglubiyet is born.

Year 8833 GE - Furfar

The settlement Furfar is founded by the Gimrune.

Year 8841 GE - The Myconid

Silvanus and Polyxo create the Myconid race.

Year 8873 GE - Gûrkimâdda

The order Gûrkimâdda is established at Meshond.

Year 8890 GE - Elbothiach

The settlement Elbothiach is founded by the settlers from Merenwen.

Year 8972 GE - Demon Spawn War

A great war between the demons and the defenders of the Mortal Systems begins. The Demon Spawn War begins when Jurusalax invades Kriav.

Bruh Kreniik grants Lukoon the powers of a Tier 3 Creationist.

Year 8974 GE - Hezxis Invasion

Demon armies under Hezxis began their invasion of Kriav.

Year 8975 GE - The Goliath

In his image, though a much smaller version, Atlas creates the Goliath race.

Year 8976 GE - Geb Vanguard

The Geb Vanguard is formed.

Year 8977 GE - Demogorgon's Invasion

Demon armies under Demogorgon begin their invasion of Hells Womb.

Year 8978 GE - Sôvuk Sea Gate

Gorag'theg opens the Sôvuk Sea Gate, a rift linking the demon-controlled world Kurun'Ush and the demon-besieged world of Bal-Kriav.

Year 8979 GE - Orucs's Invasion

Demon forces under Orcus begin their invasion of the Aerie of Dragons and its dark underbelly Adunamar. Minions of Orcus erect the bastion Ghak to protect the rift leading back into the Abyss.

Athroond opens the Arioch Cloud, a rift linking the demons of the world Arioch with Bal-Kriav's subterranean region Drarthiel.

Year 8980 GE - Galstyxe

The demon general Siva'yah, serving under Demogorgon, builds Galstyxe.

Angelic forces of the Quarat'un Covenant build the keep Pardhaer.

What began four years ago as a massive war camp for demon armies under Baphomet, is named the citadel Tixargium. Demons began construction fort Curatoch around the Arioch Cloud.

Year 8981 GE - Jurusalax's Invasion

Jurusalax and his pack of runehounds, along with three demon legions use the Núlananya Rift, starting the Zythess War.

Covenant forces construct Phollûmâ as a counter to Curatoch.

Year 8983 GE - Izanargam

Covenant forces under Naraz-Nâru construct the fortress Izanargam.

Year 8984 GE - Liamenor

Covenant forces under Corellon construct the fortress Liamenor.

Year 8985 GE - The Minotaur

In the demon labs of Tixargium, minions of Baphomet create the Minotaur race.

Using an artifact of creation, Sathel creates the coastal defenses of Fingerel.

Forces under Surtur build Hinnbjalf.

Year 8987 GE - Oomkaan

The prison Oomkaan is built by the primordial aberration Blibdoolpoolp.

Year 8988 GE - Death of Baltalas

In the war to take Muspelheim, the primordial lord Surtur kills his brother Baltalas.

Year 8989 GE - The Kuo-toa

Capturing grimlocks and tossing them into pools of entropic energy, Blibdoolpoolp creates the first kuo-toans.

Year 8991 GE - Kodgroar

Demons finish construction on Kodgroar and open a gateway to the Abyss.

Forces under Avandra construct Vorangrith.

Bahamut with the help of a Creationist, creates the Kriistvrii race.

Year 8992 GE - Typhalumus

Seeking to thwart Demogorgon's advance, Surtur creates the Typhalumus volcano.

Year 8994 GE - Death of Callarduran

The god Callarduran is brought down by the demon lord Jurusalax.

Surtur creates the Vaermund volcano.

Year 8995 GE - Iglutt

Iglutt is built by angelic forces of the Quara'tun Covenant.

Urla'palos is built by aboleth and aquatic demons serving Athroond.

Using Abyssal Infusion, the demons of Aša Ukhan create the first troll.

Year 8997 GE - Cold Chimneys

For lack of fuel, the Manes Chimneys go cold. No longer powered, the Sôvuk Sea Gate closes.

Year 8998 GE - Devdine

Forces under Demogorgon build Devdine.

Year 8999 GE - Birth of Giracian

Giracian, daughter of a demon governor and a Graagvrii, is born at the once hallow halls of Aša Ukhan.

Huemutril creates the Wood Woad race.

Year 9001 GE - The Tragarans

Lukoon creates the Tragaran race.

Year 9003 GE - Maharâg

The Aragûl clan settles in Gûn, rebuilding the ancient Covenant citadel Maharâg.

Year 9005 GE - Ara'rya

Ara'rya, a training center for monks and mentalists, is built by Covenant forces serving under Ptah.

Fort Thur Gilc is built by Krotoan soldiers serving under Lukoon.

Year 9007 GE - Anvil of Ongruxiel

Phalgas, Lukoon, and Atlas journey to the Abyssal realm of Orcus and steal the Anvil of Ongruxiel.

Using Abyssal Infusion, the demons of Aša Abrai create the Scrag.

Year 9020 GE - Hezvix

The Hezxis Pocket is opened. Hezxis's demon army besieges Liamenor. The Maeraddyth Brigade kills Hezxis. The Maeraddyth Brigade doesn't make it out of the Abyss with them being killed or captured. Those captured suffer abyssal infusion whereby they become the first orcs.

Year 9024 GE - The Dromite

Using part of Axinite's life energy, the Creation Creed of Penumbra, creates the Dromite race.

Year 9026 GE - Hezvix

The fortress Hezvix is built by demon invaders serving Demogorgon.

Year 9033 GE - Devils

Using a Well of Afterlife hidden on Dis, the Covenant generals Asmodeus and Dispater create the Devil race.

Year 9042 GE - Ishtu Irrai

The holy order of Ishtu Irrai is founded by an holy archon named Raziel.

Year 9043 GE - Jothvauk

The settlement Jothvauk is built by the Vith Ruus fire giants.

Year 9048 GE - Oratu Iru

The wall Oratu Iru is built by the angelic armies of Asmodeus.

Year 9050 GE - Phalgas Ascends

Phalgas becomes a Cult Power.

Year 9055 GE - Natyaril

The Natyaril bastion is built by the Covenant.

Year 9069 GE - Ares Ascends

Ares becomes a Cult Power. His second-in-command, the archangel Asmodeus, becomes Supreme Commander of the Quara'tun Covenant, head of the angelic forces battling the demons in the Demon Spawn War.

Year 9085 GE - Hlan-Kara

Hlan-Kara, a training center for monks and mentalists, is built by Covenant forces serving under Ptah.

Year 9094 GE - Moolowik

Moolowik is built.

Year 9095 GE - Tha'lith Conflict

Graz'zt's armies split, the larger heading north, starting the Tha'lith Conflict. The other goes west, starting the Yandôr Conflict.

Blipool is built.

Year 9097 GE - Barhaz Halarax

To protect the inter-system rifts linking Graz'zt's abyssal world with Bal-Kriav, his minions build the Underdark bastion Barhaz Halarax.

Year 9099 GE - The Ice Trolls

The demon lord Aseroth creates the first ice trolls.

Year 9100 GE - The Neogi

Mokerrian, the first Neogi, is created in a demon lab.

Leza-Sîk is built by Silvanus.

Year 9101 GE - Rifts of Ingu'lumin

Ingu'lumin creates Ingu'lumin's First Rift and pushes a mountain through forming a plug between Chaos and the world Bal-Kriav. A few months later he opens Ingu'lumin's Second Rift.

Year 9102 GE - Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time is destroyed, ending the Yandôr Conflict.

Ingu'lumin's Second Rift collapses.

Year 9108 GE - Athena Ascends

Athena becomes a demigod.

Year 9111 GE - End of the Nine-Tongued Worm

Phalgas, Athena and Danzar-Khâl slay the Nine-Tongued Worm. The death of this primordial lord creates the Primordial Storm. After the creation of this entropic storm rift, Yeenoghu's armies begin their invasion of Bal-Kriav.

Year 9112 GE - Kennel

Forces under the demon lord Yeenoghu began construction on Kennel.

Year 9114 GE - Gu'sax 12

The military stronghold Gu'sax 12 is built by forces under Graz'zt.

Year 9115 GE - Pruziig Zeikangaar

Pruziig Zeikangaar is built by soldiers serving Bahamut.

Year 9116 GE - Death of Núlananya

Silvanus closes the Núlananya Rift.

Year 9121 GE - End of Jurusalax

Jurusalax is dispatched by Silvanus.

Year 9144 GE - Barhaz Halarax

Graz'zt and his demon legions build Barhaz Halarax.

Year 9147 GE - Tyelmantar

Tyelmantar, a prison fortress, is built by the Quara'tun Covenant.

Year 9156 GE - Dul-Kiz

Soldiers under Naraz-Nâru construct the mountain redoubt Dul-Kiz.

Year 9155 GE - The Sig-Lorm

A demon spell fuses Gorantin soldiers of the Covenant with their Minotaur adversaries under Baphomet, creating the Sig-Lorm race.

Year 9157 GE - Har Karib

Covenant forces construct the undersea bastion Har Karib.

Year 9163 GE - Reconstruction

Ptah and his lab coats build the labyrinth Reconstruction.

Year 9194 GE - Corellon Ascends

Corellon passes through the Temple of Ascension, becoming a Cult Power.

Year 9199 GE - The Gnolls

Using a Spark of Creation given to him by Ingu'lumin, the demon lord Yeenoghu creates a humanoid race that are a lesser version of himself. He calls these creations the gnolls.

Gamazûd is built by the Mîmêk Army.

Year 9200 GE - Segojan Ascends

Segojan becomes a god.

Year 9210 GE - Savagor

Savagor, a beast cult following the ideals of Baphomet, is established.

Year 9212 GE - Murkin Channel

Blibdoolpoolp creates the Murkin Channel.

Year 9239 GE - Naraz-Nâru Ascends

Naraz-Nâru becomes a god.

Year 9244 GE - Tyelmantar Prison Break

A colossus, built by the primordials, and still carrying out orders from long gone masters, assails Tyelmantar. The colossus causes severe damage to the place resulting in a massive prison break. In under six hours, the place falls to its former demon prisoners.

Year 9245 GE - Hoof Front

Bahamut and Asmodeus go to war with the demon hordes of Orcus. The Hoof Front is a mini-war that spans the vast expanse of the Aerie of Dragons, and is one of many conflicts that make up a greater war called the Demon Spawn War.

Year 9250 GE - Glanningol

The Hedge Legion begins building out the nature fortifications of Glanningol.

Geb and Bahamut trap Kerath under a mountain of rubble. The volcano that grows around this trapped primordial is called Sken Drog.

Year 9251 GE - First Dragon Wake

The First Dragon Wake begins.

Year 9252 GE - Kerath Anchors

Kerath, a Progeny of Baltalas, is chained under a pile of rubble with what becomes known as the Kerath Anchors.

Year 9255 GE - Bruh Gevul

Forces under Bahamut build a nearly impregnable mountain redoubt that comes to be known as Bruh Gevul.

Year 9259 GE - Semuanya

Semuanya becomes a demigod.

Year 9260 GE - Quelmollendë

Under the direction of Polyxo, the Quelmollendë stronghold is built.

Year 9261 GE - Thadir

The Hammers of Khage build the fortress Thadir.

Year 9262 GE - End of the Hoof Front

Ghak is captured by the Covenant, ending the Hoof Front.

Year 9263 GE - Viiz Bo Rei

Works begins on the Viiz Bo Rei.

Under the Covenant's top botanist Huemutril, planting begins for the Andurja Fungal. Tasked with carrying out this effort, Myconids build the settlement Boletus.

Year 9266 GE - Moredhel-Fihrgrell Rift

The Moredhel-Fihrgrell Rift is opened.

Year 9267 GE - The Vith'kirr

From a mother infected by the Curse of Ausul'nah, the first Vith'kirr is born.

Year 9269 GE - End of the First Dragon Wake

The First Dragon Wake ends.

Year 9270 GE - Nonvul Viig Disbands

Bahamut's army Nonvul Viing is disbanded.

Surtur creates the Bora Korek volcano.

Year 9272 GE - Irkvild

Irkvild is founded by the Azer workforce serving under Kossuth.

Year 9274 GE - Fihrgrell Drain

Engineers under the Covenant general Abbathor plant a null mine, creating the counter rift Fihrgrell Drain.

Year 9275 GE - Bahamut Ascends

Bahamut becomes a demigod.

Year 9276 GE - Onk'ar Decath

Celestial wizards under Asmodeus create the rift Onk'ar Decath.

Year 9293 GE - Liberation of Tyelmantar

Tyelmantar is liberated by forces of the Quara'tun Covenant.

Year 9295 GE - Nemebhox

The fortress Nemebhox is built by goblin soldiers serving under angel general Niruš.

Year 9300 GE - Temples of Begnhidrir

Construction on the first Temple of Begnhidrir begins.

Year 9303 GE - Fongruk-Toa

Defeated in the Battle of Dream Madness, the kuo-toa soldiers of Blibdoolpoolp settle down in faraway region, founding the settlement of Fongruk-Toa.

Year 9306 GE - Prisoner

In the Battle of Belevreth, the Covenant general Lolth becomes a prisoner of the demon lord Goul'lumin.

Year 9310 GE - Diiv Revakaad

Diiv Revakaad is founded by Kriistvrii descendants that had served under Bahamut in the First Dragon Wake.

Year 9311 GE - The Ixitxachitl

Twisted from exposure to an alien world, the Ixitxachitl are created from manta rays.

Year 9313 GE - Death of Ahnuthall

The demon prince Ahnuthall, lackey of Orcus, is killed when he tries to bring a demon city from the Abyss to Bowkrak.

Year 9316 GE - Defeat of Demogorgon

Defeated at the Fifth Battle of Ladneg, Demogorgon retreats back to his home world in the Abyss.

On the last day of the year, cursed by Demogorgon for supposed betrayal, the first of many completes the agonizing process of mutating from Graagvrii to Troglodyte.

Year 9321 GE - Fomorian

Prolonged exposure to deep rocks leads to the creation of the first Fomorian.

Year 9326 GE - Derro

Polyxo creates the first Derro.

Year 9343 GE - Greatal Betrayal

Lukoon's Krotoan army are misled into attacking an army of Silvanus. This event becomes known as the Great Betrayal.

Year 9349 GE - Rolipoon

The settlement Rolipoon is founded by Tragaran ex-soldiers of Lukoon's Krotoan army.

Year 9350 GE - Sathel's Ascension

Sathel becomes a Cult Power.

Year 9356 GE - Grar'toch

The settlement Grar'toch is founded by the Derro.

Year 9391 GE - Varnavei

Wood elf soldiers of the Quara'tun Covenant build the fortress Varnavei.

Year 9392 GE - Merenwen

The settlement Merenwen is founded by the Aldír Geleb.

Year 9400 GE - Yis-Lorill

The Eärendur, wood elves serving under Athena, began building Yis-Lorill.

Year 9401 GE - Garaldrarg

Stone giants under Geb construct the Garaldrarg fortress.

Tarâk becomes a Cult Power.

Year 9414 GE - Fallen Angels

Asmodeus, Supreme Commander of the Quara'tun Covenant, along with his lieutenants are found guilty (Trial of Asmodeus). Stripped of their status, they become Fallen Angels.

The 82nd Last Hope, staunchly loyal tritons serving under Asmodeus, are transformed , becoming the first members of the Sahuagin race.

Year 9415 GE - Death of Rhynihx

Rhynihx dies giving birth to the daughter of Asmodeus, the first of the Erinyes.

Sahqo Nah is founded by a mining company out of Diiv Revakaad.

Year 9417 GE - The Rikhirra

Water naga home to the Forge Worlds, changed by the system around them, become known as the Rikhirra.

Year 9450 GE - Birth of the Khazarkar

Using the stolen artifact Danzar-Khâls Surveyor, a Lith-Crillion named Set creates the Khazarkars.

Year 9451 GE - Death of Mêzelurûs

Rather than being consumed by Dagon's unholy weapons, Mêzelurûs gives up her form, releasing her energy into the ocean around her.

Year 9457 GE - Fihrgrell Cap

Thyrm freezes the seawater flowing into Moredhel creating what becomes known as the Fihrgrell Cap.

Year 9467 GE - Fihrgrell Drain Closure

Weave spiders repair the damage wrought by a null mine, sealing the Fihrgrell Drain.

Year 9470 GE - Death of Zuggtmoy

Zuggtmoy is knocked out of the Demon Spawn War when she is slain by Borri. Zuggtmoy's essence falls back into the Abyss, suffering a decade of torture as her corporal body reforms.

Year 9474 GE - Archdevil Baalzebul

Baalzebul becomes an Archdevil.

Year 9475 GE - Silver Diiv Kiir

The first humanoids of silver dragon blood are born. In the Khage Clans, these Diiv Kiir are dwarven twins, one female and one male.

Year 9480 GE - Blibdoolpoolp Ascends

Blibdoolpoolp becomes a cult power. The entropic pools in Blibdoolpoolp Bosom become the intra-system gateways called the Toadoolp Twists.

Year 9481 GE - Rise of Âkhi

The Âkhi empire is founded with Oomkaan as its capital.

Year 9485 GE - Lukoon Ascends

Lukoon becomes a Cult Power.

Year 9486 GE - The Concubine Ascends

The Concubine becomes a Cult Power.

Year 9487 GE - Arcana Ascends

Arcana becomes a Cult Power.

Year 9488 GE - Surtur Ascends

Surtur becomes a Cult Power.

Year 9489 GE - Belras Foroderch

On her second birthday of becoming a god, followers of Arcana begin construction of the arcane learning center Belras Foroderch.

Year 9491 GE - Danzar-Khâl

Danzar-Khâl becomes a Cult Power.

Year 9493 GE - End of the Demon Spawn War

The Demon Spawn War ends. With this great conflict over, the Hedge Legion, the Mîmêk Army, the Grand Arcanes, and many others in service to the Covenant are disbanded.

The War Stones (of Numakkhalgu Multarax) are raised.

The Quara'tun Judges issue Covenant Order 436-X12.

Year 9494 GE - Zhusalax Ascends

The Angelic Departure begins, with celestials and other non-mortals leaving the Mortal Systems.

Zhusalax becomes a demigod.

The settlement Tarband-Khâl is founded by the former soldiers and attendants of the Mîmêk Army.

Year 9495 GE - Hammers of Khage Disbands

With the Demon Spawn War over, and no enemies left to fight, the Hammers of Khage disbands.

Once Triton, now Sahuagin, the 82nd Last Hope returns to the seas of Bal-Kriav.

Year 9497 GE - Sehanine Ascends

Sehanine becomes a demigod.

Year 9498 GE - Pruziig Sken

The order Pruziig Sken is founded by mortal soldiers that had served under Bahamut in the Demon Spawn War.

Wood elves of Elrohir Mithrandír establish the Ancalimë kingdom.

Silvanus, gives up his powers of Creation, and the title Beast Creationists, becoming a Cult Power.

Year 9500 GE - End of the Angelic Departure

The Angelic Departure ends, leaving the Mortal Systems in the hands of the mortals. With the departure of the Higher Powers, the Wardens of Bal-Kriav, the CPD and the Quara'tun Judges and many other vestiges of the Quarat'un Covenant are disbanded.

The Lith-Crillion Era
EpochEra BeginEra End
Dawn Era1 DE8777 DE
God Era8778 GE9500 GE
Lith-Crillion Era1 LE2890 LE
Horgon Era1 HE1895 HE
First Epoch1999
Second Epoch10001499
Third Epoch15002000