Founded6 Hollow 855 HE

Vhurindrar was founded in 855 HE by Dhaunril'yraen colonists. In 1600 HE, Vhurindrar broke free of Dhaunril'yraen establishing itself as an independent city-state. The war that ensued was largely a naval one since both ends of the Houndaer Overpass were heavily guarded by fortresses, blockhouses and walls. The cost of the war did not benefit either side, so three years later they agreed for peace with Dhaunril'yraen recognizing Vhurindrar's independence.

In the Second Epoch, Vhurindrar joined the Chari'they Alliance. This brought them into conflict with Dhaunril'yraen and others in Drarthiel and with Paradomea City on the surface. Fees for using the Houndaer Overpass jumped 200% when Vhurindrar joined the drow alliance. The leaders of opposing forces recognize that if any fell then the member states of Chari'they Alliance would be one step closer to controlling the southwest axis of the Great Tradeway. In 1199, as part of the Tradeway Wars, Vhurindrar was attacked from the north by an Irdtrax army and from the south by two armies, one striking them from the Houndaer Overpass and another attacking from their seaward side facing the Green Nebulous. The city fell after a two years siege with success largely due to another army joining the fray. Shoglomph's kuo-toa army attacking the city from its sewers resulting in the Vhurindrar's fall in 1201. Vhurindrar was abandoned with Dhaunril'yraen, Irdtrax, and Shoglomph signing a treaty that it could not be reoccupied. Vhurindrar's population were split up, becoming slaves of the aforementioned parties.

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