Climatetemperate to sub-arctic

Cinazan is bordered by the regions Miradelgûn, Grashakh, Tribe Steppes and the Ice Cap. It is the home of the largest empire on Brucrumus, the Khazarkar Empire.

During the Horgon Era and into the First Epoch, large tracts of Cinazan were controlled by the giants. The most notable places of giant architecture can be found at Arnogrygg, Fjorstaki, and Sapthiladân. Today, the giants are concentrated on the sky-island Gindinâth, in the Thurnâtha highlands and in the volcanic wastes of Steirgar.

The First Khazarkar Empire came to this region in the Domination Wars (995 - 1016). They fled the region Gulimbor on every ship they had, and continued to return as long it was safe, to pick up their people from what became known as the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203). An empire of refugees settled along Skegjold's eastern coasts. Their first major settlement was the port city Bandunazân. From 1027 to 1620, with the founding of Aphalê, they spread westward, subjugating or destroying those they encountered. At the river Alarthand, their territory grab was stopped by the Orchish Empire.

During the early part of the First Epoch, Cinazan had only two civilized empires, that of the Nermanis Syndicate, and the Gilraen Oligarchy. Roughly forty years after the fall of the Nermanis Syndicate, this nation's former halflings were living in small pockets across central Cinazan. When the Khazarkar started settling in their areas, rather than fight, they did what halflings do best, assimilate into the society of others.

In elven, they have a word for this region which means "Land of Lights". This refers to the perpetual glowing that radiates from two the region's marvels, the Shards of Takarrûs and the Kernsking Koils.

Many of the area names of Cinazan have two names, one given to them by the giants that held sway over the region in the Titan Era and the newer names give to them by the Khazarkar Empire. The renaming of area to words of their language is a common practice of this empire, a measure taken under their cultural domination policies.

The Underdark region beneath Cinazan is called Faeglor.

Region Maps
The cities of Cinazan are commonly referred to as the Cities of the Sunken Sea. This is of course a reference to the Nermanis Sea that once covered a large part of Cinazan (from present day Core Sea east to the river Dargirth) and the cities that were founded in the fertile basin left when the sea drained into the Underdark.
Cities of the Sunken Sea
City 14FoundedElevation
Sapthiladân9401 GE5,600'
Hjarngrod250 LE8,000'
Griddrir2432 LE26,000'
Silnir40 HE6,500'
Harknori222 HE5,300'
Balmoloch1430 HE1,000'
Mirkathân1441 HE600'