Taln'nazân Monarch

King of Taln'nazân
TypeUndead, necromancy lore

Taln'nazân Monarch is an undead lord created with some of the darkest rites of necromancy. It is a very dangerous undertaking since the undead created is self-willed, often unpredictable, and utterly evil. Taln'nazân Monarchs are foul creatures that act as leaders of undead. They are highly intelligent and possess terrible powers. A King of Taln'nazân can be a Wight-King, Ghost-King, Wraith-King or any other higher form of undead. There are also female counterparts to the Kings, named in a similar fashion Wight-Queen, Ghost-Queen, etc.

In 1019 the first of these undead were made by the lich Caliguworm. In an area beneath Phanêthil called Taln'nazân, Caliguworm read from the Last Chapter. Using the Melephaeusan prince Glóragar as a subject, he created a Taln'nazân Wraith-King. The creature was ruthless, cunning and nearly killed Caliguworm with his plots and schemes. In the end Caliguworm had to put his test subject down.

In 1465 a few chosen worshipers of Thasmudyan were provided with the Taln'nazân rites. One of the first to test these rites was Jairall Bloodtusk. He became a Taln'nazân Wight-King with the help of Katrana Dumu-loc. She used the rites contained in the Last Chapter to carry-out his transformation.

In 1576, the Cult of Worms sent an expedition into Gruordock to find a powerful dwarven priest that in life had served Rioch Tetrax. They found him buried in ice, frozen to death for more than seven centuries. They promised to raise him, so that he could get revenge on those that had desecrated Gruordock and ravaged the bodies of frozen dwarves. The only thing that this priest had to do was pledge allegiance to Thasmudyan. This priest Dundamuzâg, master of Gruordock, was raised as a Wight-King.

Unlike Thasmudyan, Rioch Tetrax creates a Taln'nazân Monarchs by infusing very powerful undead with a blessing. Those killed by this undead, and if their damned soul can contain the negative energy, rise as an undead lord. In 1531, Ogre Lord Morbakh became a Taln'nazân Famine Spirit-King in this manner. This happened again in 1771, when Belgunth was turned into a Taln'nazân Wraith-Queen.

Notable Mummy Lords
NameTurned UndeadAffiliation
Belgunth17 Lunar 1771
Dundamuzâg Gruordock
Glóragar30 Witchrite 1019
Jairall11 Hollow 1465
Morbakh16 Hollow 1531
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