Eastern Shar

Eastern Shar
RegionHells Womb
OwnerThieleth, Quadrax

The Eastern Shar is sited near the center of the Gelugon Range. In ages past, the great pinnacle of rock, nearly one mile above the surrounding valley, served as the lair and study for a family of gold dragons. The elves of Gwaeldior studied powerful elemental magicks alongside the great wyrms for many centuries.

In 1005, the Eastern Shar was besieged by a Toomrur horde out of the Ogre Steps. Hundreds of these creatures fell by fire and magic in the rocky crags around this towering pinnacle of granite. Unable to breach the walls of the place or find a means of entrance, the Toomrur and mercenary bands of mountain giants constructed a massive bridge from the cliffs to the plateau holding the Eastern Shar. The creatures sacked the place, taking the shiny treasures of the fortress and leaving the texts and ancient scrolls scattered in the rubble.

Ten years later, the place served as the abode for a family of wyverns, humanoids and others, but only as long as they could hold it until another adversary moved against the place.

In 1056, Tragaran monks of Kal-Oni found the Eastern Shar and set to repairing the ruined edifices and libraries. The digging uncovered ancient texts and scrolls holding magicks previously lost to the realms.

The monks held the place until the 1442. In that year, githzerai assassins of the Thieleth stormed the place and occupied it as a base to carry-out their activities against the growing presence of githyanki in Hells Womb.

The place changed hands again in 1456, when Black Banner attacked the place. The entire party was killed in their efforts. Several months later, a force of monks and priests of the Quadrax captured the place and subsequently raised the slain adventurers.

If only they could have seen the future, they would have left them dead and forgotten.

- Saint Cathandril, "Scions of the Black Tide"

Once more, the place changed hands in the Year 1496, when the mage Beshrii captured the place and thereafter used it to extort money from the merchants of the Council of Bile. She held the place for almost a decade, until being slain in the Earthquake of Ogremoch.

After Beshrii's death, the Quadrax reoccupied the Eastern Shar. It serves as the headquarters of this guild.

Beneath the pinnacle of rock that holds the Easter Shar, is the Apex Maze.

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