Savagor Researcher
Headquarterssee below
Alignmentchaotic neutral, chaotic evil
Purposechaos, lycanthropy, wild magic, beast free roam, bestial creation
Established4 Witchrite 9210 GE

Savagor began as a cult to the demon lord Baphomet. It came about in the Demon Spawn War, built on Baphomet's desire to join the hunt. Baphomet would go out into the wilds on long forays. He would follow a hunting party in the form of some beast, sometimes biting a straggler, infecting them with lycanthropy. Other times, he would kill an owner's bloodhound, taking its place. In this role, he would help the prey along, keeping the hunt going for as long as possible. There were times that prey and hunter died from sheer exhaustion. By the time word got around of Baphomet's doings, he had bitten hundreds, infecting many with a lycanthropy of demon flavor. Those infected always become a shifter tending towards chaos and evil; wererats and werewolves being the most common. In the Demon Spawn War, Baphomet had a powerful magic item called the Shift Tome. This allowed him to visit distant lands, waging his form of war on across many of Bal-Kriav's regions. Today, most of these regions have a group dedicated to Baphomet's ideals of the hunt, and spreading his seed.

From 934 to 1056, Savagor was part of a large criminal organization called Bralda-Balc. During this period, their biting would be blamed on the many wererats now living in Paradomea City, Undercity, and the general spread of them south into the Buccaneer Archipelago. It is often said that more than any other lycanthrope type, Savagor's wererats seek to propagate their kind. As part of Bralda-Balc, Savagor began to take a more scientific approach to making more of their kind. After studying the Lab Journals of Neld Rac, and seemingly unaffected by its religious ideals, they started various projects on bestial creation.

In 1201, Savagor joined Entropy as a separate division, the "beast division". They did this for money, and the hope that resources of a larger organization would help them in reaching their goal of creating something from life energy. This came to fruition on 14 Temporal 1300, with the creation of a specially enhanced ogre they nicknamed "Skullcrusher". In the First Ogre War (1505 - 1511), Entropy's beast division became wealthy selling skullcrushers and war trolls to Ogre Lords battling the Orchish Empire.

In its early years, Baphomet never intended this cult to be anything more than a mortal organization spreading chaos with random beast attacks. When other demon lords began to gain divine power, he did not want to be left behind. He welcomed the cult's progression to the next level, one promoting his ideals, and creating followers along the way. By the Second Epoch, Savagor efforts were largely responsible for bringing Baphomet into the ranks of the Higher Powers.

Regional Headquarters
HeadquartersOversight Region
NeguntalcBuccaneer Archipelago
UndercityDrarthiel, Hells Womb