Oduv Ven

Ice Wizard of Oduv Ven
CategoryMage Guilds
RegionGrashakh, Hells Womb
AliasArctic Wind
Fo HeimHaugald
Iiz BruzahParadomea City
EnemiesAshnákh, Embers
Established16 Dreamer 411

Oduv Ven is a mage guild that specializes in cold magic. The founders of this organization were dragon cultists that once served Amaglothorn. When their master was frozen solid in a magical experiment they were forced to flee Ice Tear or suffer the same fate. Over time, they spread and began operating more like a guild rather than cultists serving the whims of dragons.

Oduv Ven has bases across the realm. They have two regional headquarters, with Iiz Bruzah in Paradomea City and Fo Heim in Haugald.

Annually, as a gesture of good will, the guild's Iiz Bruzah chapter freezes the inner lake of Paradomea City. This frozen lake is then used for entertainment like ice skating and puck.

Seeking to discredit us, the Embers are at it again. They have used their fire magic weaken the ice park. This has led to the deaths of several citizens. The unfortunates fell through the ice and into the strong current beneath it. Tomorrow, I must report to the Gilgoth Magistrate and report my findings.

- Pharazan, of the Oduv Ven, from his diary

Notable Personages
IllafairëAmaglothorn's Iiz Vaaz