Turkûn Turkûn-Khâl

TypeDulun sub-race
Creation9 Brightstar 1685 DE

The Turkûn, more formally Turkûn-Khâl, are the descendants of the Dulun armies and workers that came to Bal-Kriav in the Creation War. During this war, their children, born on an alien world far away from their own (c.f. Ilabizdum), resulted in something of lighter, less blocky in build than their parents.

Early places of noticeable civilization up-tick for this race are Aphalur, Bazud-Ganal, Meshond, and Felak.

From Aphalur, Turkûn spread east through the Elephant Backbone and along the Earth Seam, hopping along the Seam's portals until reaching Dhark Bolg. In this Underdark region they founded Felak.

The descendants of Bazud-Ganal, a sea and a continent away, are more clannish in nature than their southern brothers. This is often said to be a product of the harsh nature of Ice Cap where tight-knit groups proved the strongest in times of scarcity, a common theme of the region's bleak landscape.

The Turkûn that came to inhabit the Clans region have bloodlines tracing back nearly two thousand years to Bazud-Ganal and other Malad-Mîn settlements.

Racial Traits
Web Girded +1 saves against magic
Racial as dwarf