Numakkhalgu Multarax

SponsorHjalmarbrodd Defense Committee
Symbolshield and axe
Built18 Brightstar 9493 GE
Established1 War March 645

Numakkhalgu Multarax is one of the top war colleges of Bal-Kriav; undoubtedly the best for those without bias. It was built around 71 rune stones raised in the God Era only weeks after the end of the Demon Spawn War. These rune stones state the deeds of the Turkûn that battled the demon hordes. The stones outline strategies and tactics they followed under such leaders as Naraz-Nâru and Abbathor.

When the Hjalmarbrodd came to southern Narbuzad they built the Numakkhalgu fortress to protect the ancient rune stones. Three years after the building of this fortress, these rune stones, the War Stones, became the heart of a war college. The War Stones serve as a source of ancient ancestral history of Turkûn heroics, a great source of pride and said to have inspired a revival of military glory, and lastly and most importantly they expound upon tactics, strategies and war theory.

Notable Personages
AkgandûlEnclave Strategy
Notable Works
  • War Stones